The Bells of Ashburnham, East Sussex

Transcribed from a framed document hanging in the church (photo included):

The Bells of St. Peter's
Church, Ashburnham

The Church Bells

TrebleCast at Whitechapel on July 28th, 1995. Inscribed, "In Memory of Sir John Spencer Wills 1904-1991", and inside "Ashburnham Treble". 3cwt 1qr 16lb
2Cast at Whitechapel on July 28th, 1995.  Inscribed, "In Memory of Elizabeth Drusilla Clare, Lady Wills 1913-1995."4cwt 3qr 11lb
3Cast by John Wilnar probably at Borden, Kent in 1632. Inscribed, "John Wilnar made me 1632, S.B.C.W."5cwt 2qr 12lbs
4Cast by Thomas Giles at Lewes in 1621. Inscribed, "T. G. 1621".7cwt 0qr 2lbs
5Cast by Bryan Eldridge at Chertsey in 1640. Inscribed, "Bryan Eldridge made mee 1640. W.W."8cwt 3qr 10lbs
6Cast probably in the parish by John Maylett in 1714. Inscribed, "John Waylett made me 1714".9cwt 3qr 7lbs, in Ab.
SextonCast ca. 1450 
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Transcribed by Mark Collins

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