Kelly's Directory 1938, Selsey, West Sussex

Selsey (i.e. Sealsí Island) is a large seaside parish, once an island, but now part of the Manhood peninsula, and 8 Ĺ miles south from Chichester station on the London, Brighton and South Coast railway, in the Chichester division of the county, Manhood hundred, Chichester rape, petty sessional division and county court district, Westhampnett union, rural deanery of Selsey, and archdeaconry and diocese of Chichester. Selsey is a very healthy place, with fine sands on its south western coast, and affords a good view of the Isle of Wight: Gas & electricity are available. Water is supplied by the Selsey Water Co. A considerable crab, lobster and prawn fishery is carried on. There is a life boat station,; also good anchorage for yachts all the year round. In the summer months the place is much frequented by visitors. Pagham Harbour was reclaimed from the sea in 1875, but was again submerged in 1912, and is now used for boating up to Sidlesham. The are golf links and tennis courts. Selsey the original seat of the see of Chichester, was granted in 680 by Ethelwealh, King of the South Saxons, to St Wilfred, the exiled Bishop of Northumbria, and here he built a cathedral: Eadbert, his successor, was consecrated Bishop of Selsey in 711, and there were 22 Bishops of this see, but in 1072 Stigand removed the see to Chichester. The site of the old cathedral is now under the waves. The parish church of St Peter originally stood near the entrance to Pagham Harbour, but in 1865 was taken down stone by stone (except the chancel), and re-erected in its present position in the village: it is in the Early English style, with Perpendicular additions, and has a bell-cot with spire containing 3 bells: the font is Norman: the church will seat 380 persons. The chancel of the old church at Norton is still standing, about 2 miles from the village, and is used as a chapel for burials and other occasional services, it is now called St Wilfredís chapel. The register dates from the year 1660. In 1920 a cross was erected at the south entrance to the churchyard as a memorial to the 56 men connected with this parish who fell in the Great War, 1914-18. The living is a rectory and vicarage united, net yearly value £734, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester, and held since 1934 by the Rev. Robert Franklin M.A. of Christís College, Cambridge. There is a United Methodist Chapel erected in 1867. St Wilfredís Roman Catholic church is served from St Richardís South St, Chichester. The principal landowners are W. A. Thornton esq. who is lord of the manor, Charles Rushbridge esq. and Maj. Norman Edward Holden O.B.E. The area is 2,875 acres of land, and inland water; the population in 1931 was 2,514, including the coast guard stations.

Norton is a hamlet in this parish, 2 miles north.

Post, M.O.&T. Office Letters through Chichester.

Coastguard Station.

Lifeboat Station (motor), Capt. J. N. Tait D.S.C., R.N. (ret.), sec.

Police Station

Shipwrecked Fishermen & Marinersí Royal Benevolent Society; Hon. Representatives:-
R. T. Berthon, Halton;
J. E. Francis, The Crown

Carriers to Chichester Charles Fidler (motor) & P. Gray, daily

Conveyance - the Southdown Motor Services Ltd. Run an hourly service of omnibuses to & from Chichester

Private Residents.
Arnell A. H. Bariff House, East St
Arnell Edward George J.P. The Cottage, High St
Arnell P. E. Banff House, East St
Aylwin Mrs. C. R. Wynnstay, Hillfield Rd
Bailey Aaron, Park View, Chichester Rd
Bailey Joseph, Hedgelands, Hillfield Rd
Baird T. W. The Upways, Golf Lane
Baker E. L. Seaview, West St
Barford P. Crompe M.B. Lond. Home, Bridgeway
Bartlett Mrs., Lydiate Cottage, Norton
Barton Mrs. Innisfree, Seal Rd
Bent W. G. Coxís, West St
Berthon Raymond T. Halton, Albion Rd
Bidwell Misses, Northlands, Manor Rd
Bonnar David, Innerleithen, Bonnar Rd
Bonnar Thomas Edward, Brucemains, Clayton Rd
Bonnar William, Westerings, Vincent Rd
Botting Miss, The Crescent, West St
Bowyer Samuel John, Withy Trees, Warner Rd
Boyden Rev. Arthur Henry B.A., B.Sc., B.D. Seatoller, Seal Rd
Bromley Richard Stephen, Baverstock, Seal Rd
Bryan Mrs. Olive, Brampton, Grafton Rd
Burton Mrs. Conifers, Seal Rd
Camp Miss Van, the Hermitage, Crablands
Campion C. A. G. Giffords, Ursula Ave
Chambers Harry, Brancaster, Grafton Rd
Charge Mrs. Bonnar, Westerings, Vincent Rd
Clark John D. The Rookery, Beach Rd
Clever Ernest A. Guys Cliffe, Seal Rd
Collings Mrs. Three Chimneys, Grafton Rd
Cowell Mrs. Abbotsford, Ursula Avenue
Cross G. Pearl, Tudor house, Clayton Rd
Cunningham-Park William Charles, Staffa, Grafton Rd
De Crespigny Mrs. Old Farm House, High St
Denman L.W. E. the Elms, Church Norton
Doggart A. G. Brown House, Warner Rd
Eadie Mrs. Thatched House, Clayton Rd
Edwards Herbert Charles, Windy Ridge, Clayton Rd
Elton Mrs. The Shrubbings, Bonnar Rd
Forsyth Mrs. Manor Cottage, Station Rd
Franklin Rev. Robert M.A. (rector), The Rectory
Gardner Misses, the Elms, Chichester Rd
Gibbons Lady, The Rusettings, Station RD
Graham Mrs. Shuna, Ursula Ave
Grandell Mrs. Alscote, Bonnar Rd
Gregory Rev. Benjamin, Brightside, Seal Rd
Hacking Lt.-Col. Alfred D.S.O., M.C. Dalmorton, Bonnar Rd
Haig Capt. Nigel, Stonehouse, West St
Halstead H. C., M.D. Manor Rd
Hamilton Sir Charles Edward Archibald Watkin bart., Paisley Cottage, Seal Rd
Hardy Capt. George, Chanctonbury, Seal Rd
Hargreaves Mrs. Platten, Clayton Rd
Harris Col. Percy J. Rose Cottage, Church Norton
Hassell Arthur Seymour, Glynn House, High St
Hein Richard Henry, Stranraer, Ursula Ave
Herron-Allen Edward F.R.S., Largeacres, High St
Hodges Mrs. Yellow Sands, Clayton Rd
Holden Maj. Morman E. Norton Priory
Holloway Mrs. Littleton, Clayton Rd
Hopwood C. J. W. The Looe, West St
Humby Morgan, Little Gardens, West St
Humphreys A. A. Newell, Hillfield Rd
Hunnisett Harry Stuart, The Hive, Seal Rd
Ibbotson Miss, Netley Cottage, West St
Jones Edward James Mair, The Homestead, High St
Jones E. S. The Hut, Clayton
Keep Frank, The Cliffs, Clayton Rd
Kelly Arthur Ralph, Nutley Cottage, Hillfield Rd
King-Farlow Vernon, Salthaven, Hillfield Rd
Kirby Beatrice L. Grassmere, West St
Knight Buxton, Red Hatch, Hillfield Rd
Lamb Maj. Robert J. Hazeltryst, Manor Rd
Latham H. P. Lawrence, Vincent Rd
Levin Maj. A. E. Elleray, West St
Lomax Mrs. Berwyn, Woodland Rd
Longbotham Mrs. Tamarisk, Clayton Rd
Luck Capt. Cyril Montagu C.M.G., D.S.O., R.I.N. Whiteholmes, Crablands
McCohn Mrs. Just Yoy, Clayton Rd
Mackenzie J. M. St. Ronanís Clayton Rd
Mason Norman Douglas, Kerkarrow, Seal Rd
Mathew Capt. William C. The Warner Lodge, Clayton Rd
May Cecil Coxís Cottage, West St
Miller-Jones Sir Thomas, Bon-Saada, East Beach
Moore Lt.-Col. W. G., O.B.E. Home Farm, Chichester Rd
Morris Louis, Chester Beach, Clayton Rd
Muller-Rowland Mrs. Rock Bridge, Warner Rd
Muntz Mrs. The Overstrand, Bonnar Rd
Nielsen Mrs. Gnome House, Clayton Rd
Osborne Mrs. Red House, Ursula Ave
Parkhurst S. W. Leslie Cottage
Paterson R. S. St. Ibbs, Clayton Rd
Pearson Maurice, Verica, Hillfield Rd
Perdrau Joseph Arthur M.D.Lond Shanghai, Manor Rd
Porter H. Flowers, Beach Rd
Prescott E. Clifford, Asphodel, Seal Rd
Pretorious Mrs. Seal House, Seal Rd
Prince John W. Green Shutters, Hillfield Rd
Pye apathy, West Croft, West St
Pyman Mrs. Dunsleycombe, West St
Richardson Maj. W. M. Home Farm House, Chichester Rd
Rushbridge Misses, Homeleigh, East St
Rushbridge Charles, Norton, Chichester Rd
Rust Lt-Col. Arthur Bernard Wills, Sandybill, Seal Rd
Savitsky A. Hutorok, Bonnar Rd
Schroeter Misses, Michard Croft, Church Norton
Smart Mrs. Blacfield, Crablands
Smyth Frederick William, Salthaven, Hillfield Rd
Streathers Mrs. Nomads, Vincent Rd
Swindells Alan, Rotorus, James St
Tait Capt. John Norman D.S.C., R.N. (ret), Warner Croft, Hillfield Rd
Tanner Arthur Leslie Pratt, Norton-Lea, Chichester Rd
Taylor Alexander, The Cottage, Clayton Rd
Thackara Capt. Leonard, Elsinore, Hillfield Rd
Thorn Mrs. The Whyte Cottage, High St
Thornton W. A. The Old Mill House, Seal Rd
Treamer Mrs. Chainbank, Chichester Rd
Turtle Louis Henry, Croindene, Hillfield Rd
Tyndall Maj. William Horace, Oakash, Golf Lane
Venus Mrs. The Poplars, High St
Vince Charles E. Cairo, East St
Wakely Charles Victor, Norton Grange
Walford John Berry, Malt House, High St
Walls Tom, Sandcott
Warren Mrs. L.E. Grey Friars, Seal Rd
West Miss, Holmwood, Chichester Rd
White W. Llewellyn, Emlyn, Graton Rd
Williams Harold, Boomerang, Hillfield Rd
Wood Mrs. Belle Isle, Danefield Rd
Yelf Miss, Clayton Croft, Hillfield Rd

Marked thus * farm 150 acres or over
Abery Arthur James, window cleaner, Titley, Croft Rd
Adams T. W. & Son, butchers, High St TN24
Albion P.H. (James Ray), Albion Rd
Arnell Brothers, farmer, North Common
Arnell Edward Geo. & Son, coal, coke, wood & oil merchants, High St. T.N.8
Arnell Ronald S. C. decorator, High St
Arnold, Cooper & Tompkins, solicitors, High St TN329
Barclay & Company Limited (sub-branch to Chichester) (C. Steedon, manager), High Street (TN147); head office 54 Lombard Street, London E C
Barnes Sydney, grocer, East St
Bognor Steam Laundry Ltd. (receiving office), High St TN267
Bonnar & Bonnar, builders, Hillfield Rd T.N.13
Book Room (Misses M. & G. Soare), circulating library, High St
Brenda (Rt. Allen Ayliffe), ladiesí hair dresser, high St TN346
Broadreeds Holiday Camp TN116
Broombank Boarding School (Misses Morgan, principals), Manor Rd TN124
Bryn Derwen Guests (under personal supervision of G. W. Salt), West St TN317
Bungalow Store (George William Hearn), furnishing draper, High St
Cabrelli Lorenson, fried fish dealer, High St
Carolineís (Miss E. Hawley), homemade cakes, jams & bread; tea & light luncheons; picnic boxes, High St TN293
Chambersí Central Garage (H. T. chambers), high St TN28
Chichester Dairies Ltd. High St. TN159
Clover H. I. (Mrs), house agent, East Beach
Corner Stores (Selsey) Ltd. Grocers, Hillfield Rd TN305
Cox Harry Thomas, tobacconist, Hillfield Rd
Crablands Bowling & Tennis Club, Crablands
Crablands Guest House (Mrs L. Baily), Crablands
Cripps R. J. riding master, Crown Stables, High St TN213
Cross Thomas, cartage contractor, Chichester Rd
Crown Inn (J. E. Francis), High St TN123
Dearling John Robert, cafť, Hillfield Rd TN241
Dona (Miss Barfoot-Saunt), gift shop, high St TN206
Edwards George, hair dresser, East St
Elizabeth (E. Gatfield), ladiesí hair dresser, High St TN289
Ellis & Sons, grocers, High St. TN5
Faers J. A. boot dealer, high St
Ferry Brick & Tile Co. Chichester Rd
Ferry Farm Dairy (R. Humphry & Son), Chichester Rd, Sidlesham 48
Fidler Charles, carrier, Dinglefield, Seal Rd
Fidler William, greengrocer, Grafton Rd
Fishermanísí Joy P.H. (William Patison Jamieson), East St
Fletcher J. A. grocer, East St TN4
Fullick E. G. decorator, East St
Gill Ruth Atkin (Mrs), restaurant, Hillfield Rd TN26
Gillman John H., L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. Dental surgeon (attend tues & sat), High St TN49
Glew Sidney Allan, chimney sweeper, Lewis Rd
Godel Walter C. china & glass dir. High St TN179
Gray Percival, carrier, East St
Gresham William Max, insurance agent Sunnycroft, Bonnar Rd
Harris Harold, plumber, East St
Hawgood Florence Daisy (Mrs), shopkeeper, Manor Rd
Head & Smith, builders, High St TN37
Heard Ellen Margaret (Mrs), confectioner, Hillfield Rd
Henley Charles, farmer, Greenlees farm, Norton
Henstidge Arthur Frederick, baker, East St
High Street Riding School (Mrs E. R. Mitchell), High St TN12
Hillfield Guest House (Miss H. E. M. OíMeara), Clayton TN102
Hillfield Tea Cottage (Mrs F. D. Saunder), tea rooms, Hillfield
Hobbs Walter Thomas, builder, Beach Rd TN201
Home Farm Guest House, High St TN221
Homeland Guest House, (off.) Hillfield Rd
Homer Herbert Richard, fisherman, James St
Homer Margaret Florence (Miss), ladiesí hairdresser, Hillfield Rd
Humphrey Arthur, newsagent, High St
Humphrys Arthur Amitage L.R.C.P. & S.Edin., L.R.F.P.S.Glas. Surgeon, Hillfield Rd TN20
International Tea Co.ís Stores Ltd. Grocers, East St. TN27
Jinman Douglas, farmer, Highfield House
Johnson Edmund & Spencer, watch makers, High St
Kennet Alfred & Son, outfitters, High St. TN113
Kennett & Son, coal, coke & wood merchants, High St TN113
Kenya Coffee Shop (Vivian Lewes Parker), coffee merchants, High St TN267
Kingís antique dealers, High St
Kite Thomas F. & Son, grocers, High St
Lamb Maj. R. J. rating officer, Hazeltryst, Manor Rd
Langford Herbert & Son, bakers & butchers, East St. TN224
Lawrence James. fisherman, Albion Rd
Lewis & Budworth (Misses), confectioners & grocers, Seal Rd
Little Shop (Miss E. Peacock), Chinese curios, High St
Long Marshall William, fishmongers, East St
Maidmentís Garage, High St. TN33
Male Thomas & Courtney, blacksmiths, West St
Marine Hotel (Marine Hotel Selsey Ltd.) TNís 15 & 322
Marks J. dentist (fri sat & sun) High St TN83
Marshall Ellen (Mrs) refreshment rooms, High St
Martin L. Evershed F.B.O.A. (hons.), F.S.M.C., F.I.O. consulting optician, high St TN49
Martin William, hair dresser, East Rd
Maryís (Mrs M. G. Still), restaurant, High St
Mason Margaret Edith (Mrs), cooked meats, East St
Meades Stores (Star Tea Co. Ltd.) grocers, High St TN9
Menzies James, butcher, East St
Mill Farm Camping and Caravan Sites (J. D. J. Wakely). Mill Farm, TN96
Morey Ethel Kate (Mrs), second-hand furniture dealer, Manor Rd
Neptune P.H. (Harry Edward Burgess), High St
Norris William, boot repairer, Manor Rd
Orchard Stores (G. H. Bunn), fruiters, High St
Owens Frank & Son, butchers, fishmongers & fruiterers, High St. TN41
Painter Mrs. Guest house, Kestor, Seal Rd
Parker Vivian Lewes, coffee merchant, High St TN267
Pavilion (Selsey) (H. C. Wills-Rust, lessee), High St. TN309
Pearson Maurice M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. Physician & surgeon, Verica, Hillfield Rd TN239
Pennicott Hale Robert, draper, ladiesí & gentís outfitter & tailor, High St. TN162
Perdrau Joseph Arthur, M.D.Lond. Physician & surgeon, shanghai, Manor Rd TN193
Petersfield & Selsey Gas Co. (Walter C. Rose, manager), High St. TN44
Petts James, fishmonger, East St
Phipps Fredk. Wm. Auctioneer, High St. TN43
Pillar Reins Riding School (Mrs. D. Hobgen), East St. TN279
Pink Harold William, motor engineer, Hillfield Rd TN111
Portsea Island Mutual Co-operative Society Ltd. High St. TN110
Pratt & Sons, builders, contractors & decorators, Elm Grove, high St
Prior Harry, coal & coke merchant, Croft Rd. TN101
Purchase Oliver E. electrical & general engineer TN170
Pyke S. E. (Miss), guest house, Pax, The Bridgeway TN139
Rectory Nursery Home (Misses E. V. & M. L. Franklin), High St TN262
Rhoades Albert Thomas, fruiterer, high St TN134
Richards Henry William, electrical engineer, high St TN51
Richards Winifred (Mrs), refrewshment rooms, High St TN51
Robinson & Co. (Mrs. Jean Eadie & Miss L. G. Robinson), dealers in antiques, Hillfield Rd
Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Capt. John Tait D.S.C., R.N. (ret.), hon. sec.)
Rudwick Frederick John, hot water fitter, heating & sanitary engineer & plumber, High St TN160
*Rushbridge Charles, farmer & landowner, Norton farm, Chichester Rd. TN16 & Home farm, Chichester Rd
Rushbridge Charles & son, butchers, High St. TN128
Sadler & Wooding, physcus & surgeons, Baureen, Hillfield TN294
Sadler C. R., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. Physician & surgeon (daily except wed.) High St TN49
Scrimgeour E. R. (Miss), riding mistress, St Winifredís, West St
Searle Eva Florence (Mrs), fried fish dealer, East St
Selsby Ralph & Co. coal, coke & wood merchants & haulage contractors, High St. TN112
Selsey Bon Marche (A. J. Bowtell), drapers, High St
Selsey British Legion Club Ltd. (F. K. Davis, hon. Sec.), High St
Selsey Club (Maj. R. J. Lamb, sec.), Coxes Rd. TN108
Selsey Golf Club Ltd. (Charles Gordon Jeavons, sec.) TN56
Selsey Guest House (Mrs. I. G. Clarke), East St TN330
Selsey Hotel, Manor Rd TN17
Selsey Information Bureau (Miss G. Batkin), servantsí registry office, high St TN119
Selsey Library (Miss B. L. Thompson), circulating library, High St TN339
Selsey Motors (Carl B. Sargant), motor garage, High St TN42
Selsey Printing Office (A. Balfour Johnson), printers, High St
Selsey Riding School (R. T. Stratton), High St TN181
Selsey Water Co. (Walter C. Rose, manager), High St TN44
Selsey Womenís Institute (Mrs. Beaty, hon. Sec.), High St
Sherrington & Son, boot makers, High St
Sherrington Jsph. Fisherman, Albion Rd
Simpson William Charles, hair dresser, High St
Smeaton James, beer retailer, High St
Smith Anne (Mrs), wool shop, East St
Smith Ronald H. builder, High St TN14
Strudwick Cecil Alfred Arthur, upholsterer, Chichester Rd TN265
Stubbs William, fisherman, Albion Rd
Summers Reginald V. insurance agent Ross Common, Manor Rd
Swindell Bros. house & estate agents, High St. TN106
Sylvesters School (P. Worthington), Manor Rd TN342
Terry Sidney, market gardener, Tremalee nursery, Mill Lane TN204
Thomas Benjamin, shopkeeper, East St
Tree Guest House (Mrs Gibbons), Chichester Rd TN211
Trojan Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Brick & tile works, Chichester Rd. TN106
Voke Arthur, boot repairer, High St
Wakely J. & D. J. farmers, Mill farm. TN96
*Wakely Charles Victor, farmer, Grange TN161 & Park Farms
Westminster Bank Ltd. High St, TN130 head office, 41 Lothbury, London EC2
Willis David, chimney sweeper, Chichester Rd
Wilson Wilfred A. chemist, High St TN63
Wing Edith Ellen (Miss), district nurse, Clevedon, Manor Rd TN328
Wingham Eric Ronald, coal merchant, High St
Winslade F. G. & Son, builders, Station Rd TN122
Wiseman Mabel (Mrs), newsagent, High St TN88
Wooding John Edward M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. Physician & surgeon, Baureen, Hillfield Rd TN294
Woodland Eric Horace, fisherman, James St
Woodlands (W. H. Hollingdale), stationers, High St
Woodlands Chemists Ltd, High St TN49
Wyatt H. & son, florists, High St
Wyatt & Sons, auctioneers, house & estate agents, valuers & insurance agents; agents to Selsey Estates, High St TN25

06 Sep 2006

Transcribed by Stacey Gardner

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