Kelly's Directory 1911, Waldron, East Sussex

Waldron is a village & parish, 3 miles south-west from Heathfield station, 2 ¼ from Horeham Road station, on the Tunbridge Wells & Eastbourne branch of the L.B.&S.C. railway, 6 east-by-south from Uckfield, 8 north-west from Hailsham, 11 north-north-east from Lewes and 50 from London, in the southern division of the county, Shiplake & Dill hundreds, rape of Pevensey, Uckfield petty sessional division and union, Lewes county court district, rural deanery of Dallington, archdeaconry of Lewes & diocese of Chichester. The church of All Saints is an ancient edifice of stone, in the Early English and Decorated stykes, and has a tower containing 8 bells; in the church are many brasses and monumental inscriptions to the Dyke, Offley, Fuller, Dalrymple and other families; there are traces of Norman work; the church was restored in 1862, and has 360 sittings. The register dates from the year 1564. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £325, with residence, and 38 acres of glebe, in the gift of Exeter College, Oxford, and held since 1882 by the Rev. William John Humble-Crofts M.A. of that college. Here are Wesleyan & Baptist chapels, and at Tilsmore Corner is a Mission Hall. Foxhunt Memorial Hall was erected in 1906 by Joseph Lucas esq. in memory of his wife. The Offley charity, amounting to £2 10s yearly, is distributed to the needy at Michaelmas. Horeham Manor, in this parish, is the property of the Right Hon. Sir William Hart Dyke P.C. of Lullingstone Castle. Possingworth, a modern mansion, erected in 1866, is now (1911) unoccupied. Tanners Manor is the property and residence of Benden Sharvell Hassell esq. it originally belonged to the Sackvilles, of Sevenoaks, and afterwards passed into the hands of the Fullers, a Sussex family of repute as ironfounders. Old Possingworth, now a farmhouse, belonged to the Offley family in the 17th century. The trustees of the late Louis Huth esq. (d. 1905) are lords of the manor of Possingworth. The Earl of Chichester is lord of Laughton manor; B. S. Hassell esq. of Tanners Manor, & Joseph Lucas esq. J.P. of the manor of Foxhunt. The principal landowners are the trustees of the late Louis Huth esq. the Right Hon. Sir W. Hart Dyke bart. P.C. Francis H. Hardy esq of Isenhurst, Mrs Crossley, Joseph Lucas & B. S. Hassell esqrs. The soil is loam; subsoil, sand & clay. The chief crops are wheat & hops. The area is 6,226 acres of land and 18 of water; rateable value £11.150; the population in 1911 was 2,178

Verger - James Mitchell

Cross-In-Hand is 2 miles north; St Bartholomew’s district church is a building of stone, consisting of chancel, nave & transept, and has 200 sittings; the Rev. Percy Robert Ferris M.A. of University College, Durham has been curate in charge since 1910. Heatherden is the residence of Mrs Crossley. A cattle fair is held at Cross-In-Hand on the 19th of November.

Horeham Road, a hamlet, partly in the parishes of Hellingley & Waldron, with a station on the Eastbourne branch of the L.B.&S.C. railway, equally distant about 2 ½ miles from those places and 5 ½ north from Hailsham. Christ Church Mission church, a small edifice of brick, was erected in 1890, and will seat 150 persons. The Rev. Charles Albert Corser Langdon B.A. of University College, Durham, has been minister in charge since 1905. The children of this parish attend the school at Maynard’s Green

Post, M. O. & T. Office, Cross-In-Hand (Letters should have Sussex added) – Mrs Amelia Jane Saunders, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive at 6.30am & 12.10 & 6.15pm; Sundays, 6.30am; dispatched at 10.10am & 12 noon & 12.40, 4.40 & 10.30pm; Sundays, dispatched at 10.30pm

Post, M. O. & T. Office, Waldron Street – Miss Fanny Burgess, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive from Cross-In-Hand at 8.30 & 11.30am & 12.45 & 8.30pm; Sundays, 8pm; dispatched at 6.50am & 12.55 & 7pm; Sundays, delivery 7pm;

Post, M. O. T. Office, Horeham Road, (letters should have Sussex added) Ernest Lemon, sub-postmaster; Letters arrive at 5 & 10.30am & 5.20 & 10pm; Sundays, 5am; dispatched, 10.15 & 11.30am & 12.50, 8.15 & 9.15pm; Sundays, 9.15pm

Post & T. Office, Little London – Frank Piper, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Horeham Road at 6.45 & 11.45am & 7.45pm; Sundays, 6.45am; dispatched at 6.45 & 11.45am & 7.45pm; Sundays, 6.45am; Horeham Road, 2 miles distant, is the nearest money order office.

Wall letter boxes:- White House, cleared at 7.15am & 1.30 & 8.25pm; Sundays, 8.50am: Foxhunt, cleared at 8.25am & 7.50pm; Sundays, 8.25am; Rock Hill, cleared at 8am & 12.15 & 7.15pm; Sundays 8am; New Pond, cleared 10.15am & 12.55, 4.45 & 9pm; Sundays 9pm; Holmes Hill, 1.30 & 5 & 8.20pm; Sundays, 8.50am; Birch Terrace, 7 & 9am, 12 noon & 7.30pm; Sundays, 7am; Fir Grove,cleared at 8.45 & 11.45am & 8.45pm; Sundays, 8.30pm. Horeham Road station, 9.30 & 10.30am & 12.30 & 8.30pm; Sundays 8.40pm; Whitehouse, 7.15am & 1.30 & 8.25pm; Sundays 8.25pm; Mount, 9.15am & 7.45pm; Sundays 6.15am; Sharps Corner, 8.45am & 12.30 & 6.45pm; Sundays, 8.45am; Marle Green, 7.30am; & New Pond Hill, 10.15am & 12.55, 4.55 & 9pm; Sundays, 9am.

There are also telegraph offices at Heathfield & Cross-In-Hand & Horeham Road & Waldron stations.

Waldron (mixed & infants), 150 children, average attendance, 100; John Bannister, master; Mrs Bannister, infants, mistress
Cross-in-Hand (mixed & infants), for 180 children; average attendance, 167; David John Holt, master

Heathfield & Cross-in-Hand railway station, Charles Horn, station master

Horeham Road & Waldron station, Thomas Frederick Ward, station master

Carrier to Lewes – Brown & Son, tues, thurs & sat fri

(Marked thus * should be addressed Horeham Road)
(Marked thus + should be addressed Heathfield)
(Marked thus # should be addressed Cross-in-Hand)

Private Residents
#Abbey Miss, Ivy Cottage
#Allcorn Albert, Dunmore, Tilsmore Rd
*Angus Thomas, Springfield
+Ashby William C. Rosslyn, Tilsmore Rd
#Atkinson Harold, Spring Cottage
#Atkinson Oliver T. Davos
#Baillie Mrs., Whitethorn
#Barker Frank L.W. Kirby
#Barnard John Charles, Hillside
*Barnes James Adam, Ashleigh
+Barnsdale Nathaniel, Highland Cottage, Tilsmore Lane
+Bean Walter High St
*Beeching Cecil Frederick, Homewood
+Bennett Charles Albert, Heatherbrae
*Burden Miss, Fairview
+Carter William, Tilsmore
+Castle Henry H. Broxholme
*Cauchi William Vincent, Woodlands
+Cheale charles Joseph, Edenholme
#Collins Mrs. Brooklyn
*Copleston Henry E. Hillview
#Cowie Commander John R.N.R. Foxhunt Green House
+Crofts Misses, Cheney Hurst
#Crossley Misses, Holbrook
#Crossley Mrs. Heatherden
+Crump Thomas, Meadowbank
*Cunliffe Mrs. Cottage
*Denman Misses, Maybank
+Dennett George, Bank House, High St
+Dunton John Edwin, Natalia
#Durrant Thomas Henry, Barfield House
*English Thomas M. Eastonville
#Ferris Rev. Percy Robert M.A. (Curate in charge of Cross-in-Hand), The Gables
*Field Capt. Cecil Duncan, Woodlands
*Finch Otto Fitzgerald, Rockhill
*Fletcher Alfred John Hugh, Hazeldene
*Flowers Major Frederick, Sunnyside
*Foster Miss, Glendalough
#Francis Charles, Writtle House
#Freeman George Mallows K.C., B.A. Heronsdale
+Funnell Gaius William, Heathdene
+Godbold Bowler, Hawkesbury
#Graham Mrs. Bryckden
*Granger Thomas, Fernbank
+Green Miss, Inglenool, High St
*Hamlin John, Holly Croft Cottage
+Harland Percy C. St John’s, Tilsmore Lane
*Harrison Mrs. Holeham Manor
#Hart William, Roseneath
*Hassell Major Robert de Bray, Tanners Manor
*Hassell Benden Sharvell, Tanners Manor
*Hassell Reginald Edward, Tanners Manor
+Heims David W. Hazelville
#Holman Thomas Edward
*Holme Bryan, Verno
*Holme Misses, Whinrig
#Humble-Crofts Rev. William John M.A. Rectory
#Innes William George, Longmead
+James John C. Waldron Thorns
*Jury Walter, Oak Glen
+Keeley William J. Hillcroft
#Lane William, Burnt Oak Cottage
*Langdon Rev. Charles Albert Corser B.A. (min. in charge of Christ Church), Parsonage
*Large John Daniel, Westwood
*Linom John M. Merivale
#Lucas Joseph J.P. Foxhunt Manor
#Lucas Villers, Danesfield
+Lunt Albert William, Lytham
#Lutyens Frederick, The Holt
*Mannington Charles, Sunnyside
*Martin John, The Hall
*Maynard George Edward, Culstock
*Morris Framk, Woodside
#Parker Reginald P. Bungalow
#Paul Stanley Evan, Linwood
#Peters Miss, Copthorne
#Ramsbotham Edward Geoffrey J.P. Homelea
#Ranken Arthur W. Culverwood
*Reynolds Miss, Fairview
*Ripley Hoilley, Spinnery
#Roberts Major Howard, Cyprus Cottage
#Roberts Mrs. Fairfield
+Roberts Mrs. Hillside, Tilsmore Rd
+Robertson Mrs. Meadow Bank
+Snashall Herbert John, Thetford, Tilsmore Lane
*Stockman George, Woodleigh
#Sutherland-Harris Lieut-Col. Alexander, Heatherden; & The Firs, Burwash; & 57 Campden Hill Rd, Kensington, London W.
+Thorp Miss, High St
*Tinling James, Old Orchard
#Twynam Col. Frederick Robert (late R.A.), Harlyn
*Wallis William Lumb, The Cottage, Little London
+Watson Bertram Frank, Sedgeford, High St
+Webster William F. Granofan, High St
#Whiffling Arthur W. Belle Vue
+White Mrs. Glenmore
*Wills Miss, Delaford Cottage
#Wilson Miss, St Aubyns
+Winter George, High St
#Wood Misses, Glendale
+Woodham Miss, Avondale
*Woodhead Miss, Millwood
*Woodhead Mrs. Oakdene

+Allcorn Albert, builder, Dunmore
+Andrews & Bennett, solicitors, High St
+Andrews John Courtney Lane, solicitor, see Andrews & Bennett
#Ashdown Jabez, miller, see Newham & Ashdown
+Atkinson & Atkinson, drapers, High St
+Atkinson Albert, china & glass dealers, High St
+Avard Henry W. temperance hotel, Station Rd
*Baker Ross (Mrs), refreshment rooms
#Ball Charles, blacksmith, Waldron St
#Banks Thomas, smith
+Barclay & Co. Ltd. (branch Lewes Old Bank), High St & attends mon & thurs sub-branch at *Horeham Rd station, 10.30am til 3pm; draw on head office, 54 Lombard St, London E.C
#Barker Frederick L. W. farmer ox pastures
+Barltrop Charles, dairyman, High St
*Barrow Brothers, butchers
*Bates Alfred, grocer
#Beard charles, farmer
+Bennett William, solicitor, see Andrews & Bennett
#Berry James, farmer
#Berry Joseph, farmer, Tilsmore
*Boardman George H. tailor
+Brett Alfred, farmer
#Briggs Benjamin, shopkeeper
*Brocklehurst William, smith, Lions Green
*Brook & Roger, cycle dealers
#Brooker Charles, registrar of births & deaths
*Brooks Eli, farmer
#Brown W. & Son, coal, coke, corn & seed merchants; district agents for Thorley’s cattle cakes & food; carriers; agents for L.B.&S.C. Railway Co. & for Globe Express Ltd; hauliers; furniture removers; vans horsed; brakes for pleasure parties; & Heathfield, T.N. 12 Heathfield Tower P.O.
#Burgess John, boot & shoe maker
+Burt William Stephen, grocer station Rd
#Clarke James, farmer, Garrets Farm
+Collins Frank George, builder, High St
#Collins George Ephriam, builder
#Collins Sarah (Miss), shopkeeper
*Cornford Isaac, farmer
#Cornwell George, gardener to E. Geoffrey Ramsbotham esq. J.P. Homelea Cottage
*Crowley Lawrence, dairyman, see Francis & Crowley
+Danbe Frederick, tailor, High St
#Daw James, grocer & draper
*Delves William, grocer
+Downer James, market gardener, South View
#Dray Frederick, saddler
#Dumbrill William, farmer, Dudsland
#Durrant Thomas Henry, farmer
#Durrant Trayton, bricklayer
#East Hoathly Boot & Shoe Co. boot & shoe dealers
*Easton Ernest, boot maker
#Edwards & Lee, plumbers, Sea View
*English Thomas M. brick maker
+Errey Edward, furniture dealer, High St
#Faulkner Frank, farmer, Garretts farm
*Felgate Arthur, fishmonger
+Fielder Ebenezer, butcher, High St
#Foord Thomas, farmer & manufacturer of ginger beer, lemonade, soda, seltzer, potash, ginger ale & other mineral waters; home brewed ginger beer supplied; agent for Apollinaris
#Foxhunt Memorial Hall (John Bannister, sec.)
*Francis & Crowley, dairymen
#Freeman Samuel, farmer
+Goodwin Richard, grocer, High St
*Gorringe Albert, farmer
*Gorringe William, farmer, Huggett’s
*Haffenden George, farmer, Dengates
*Harmer Joseph, hoop merchant
#Hart Alice (Mrs), confectioner
#Hassell Ernest A. farm bailiff to Mrs Crossley, Newpond Farm
*Hawkins Herbert, jobbing gardener
+Heathfield & Waldron Minature Rifle Club (H. W. Stone, hon. Sec.) Rylstone, High St
#Heath field & Waldron Nursing Association (Miss Alexander & Miss E. Warner-Bubb, hon. secs.),
+Heath field & Waldron Recreation Hall (Edward S. Read, sec.), Station Rd
#Herring James, baker
#Hewer Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, Heatherbank
+Hickmore George, hair dresser, High St
#Hobden Arthur David, baker
*Hobden Henry M. farmer
*Hobden William, cowkeeper, Little London & Glaziers farms
#Holman Thomas Edward L.S.A. surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator Heathfield district, Hailsham union; & surgery at Horeham Rd station at 12 noon till 1pm on tues thurs & sat
#Isted George, farmer, The Holmes
#Jarvis Frederick, apartments
#Jarvis John F. greengrocer
#Jarvis Robert, builder
#Kemp Robert, farmer, Fir Grove
+Kenward Nelson, family wine & spirit, bottled beer & cider merchants; agent for Bass’s & Worthington’s pale ale, Jacobs’ pilsener lager beer, Coombe’s London stout, Fremlin’s ales & oatmeal stout, Whiteway’s Devonshire cider, mineral waters &c. High St
+Kerridges, upholsterers & cabinet makers, Station Rd
*Kinchen George, farmer, Eyerstock
*Ladd Edward L. farmer
*Large John, farmer, Westwood
#Leach Arthur, farmer, Dawns farm
#Lee Richard, plumber, see Edwards & Lee
*Line Sydney, coal merchants, Horeham Road, station
+Long & Co. clothiers, High St
*Loveland J. C. & Sons, chimney sweepers
*Lovell-Keays Lionel Francis M.R.C.S.Eng. L.R.C.P.Lond. Physician & surgeon; surgery mon. wed. & fri, at 2 till 5pm
*MacKilligan Jane (Mrs), farmer
*Martin Henry, farmer, Horeham Flat
*Martin John, steward to Sir Richard Stapeley J.P.
*Meades Susan (Mrs), apartments Linda Villa
+Miles Ebenezer John, boot & shoe dealer, Station Rd
#Moore Robert, farmer, White House
*Morris Frank, builder
+Neve Bros. ironmongers, millimg & mechanical engineers & implement makers, Station Rd
#Newnham Brothers, grocers
#Oliver George, assistant overseer
#Oliver Samuel, Star Inn
+Osborn Ruby (Miss), girls’ private school, Avondale
+Parker Ernest John, harness maker, Station Rd
+Parris Charles J. & Co. land & estate agents, valuers, surveyors, auctioneers & insurance agents, High St (TA “Stone, Heathfield;” Telephone No. 6 Heathfield); also at Crow borough & Tunbridge Wells
#Pettitt Joseph, picture framer
*Phillips Albert George, builder, contractor, painter & undertaker
+Pickett Arthur Henry L.D.S.Eng. High St (calls 10am till 3pm on thurs.)
*Pritchard George H. insurance agent
*Reed Alfred, farmer, Mephams
*Reed Alfred John, hair dresser
*Reed Arthur, farmer, Nightingales
+Reed Frederick V. Station Hotel
+Rich Thomas, builder, High St
+Richardson Stephen William, auctioneer (firm, E. Watson & Son), assistant overseer & clerk to Parish Council &c. High St
+Roberts Lily (Miss), private school, Hillside, Tilsmore Rd
*Roger Donald C. cycle dealer, see Brook & Roger
*Roger Robert, farmer, Highland
#Rogers & Son, butchers
*Ross Edward James, poultry farmer, Sydney Lodge
*Rumary William & Sons, butchers
*Russell William, apartments, Glenhurst
+Ryder Charles H. cycle maker, High St
+Saunders Alexander, farmer, Thorns
#Saunders Amelia (Mrs), tobacconist
*Saunders Hercules, butcher
#Seamer Alfred, Cross-in-Hand hotel
*Smith W. H. & Son, news agents, Horeham Rd station & +Cross-in-Hand & Heathfield stations
+Smith Alfred Fisher, builders’ merchants & general & furnishing ironmonger, locksmith & bell hanger, plumber, & gas, hot & cold water fitter, High St; & at Hailsham
#Smith Edward, poultry farmer
#Snodgrass Alfred, farmer
+Southgate Robert Henry, upholsterer, High St
+Stone Hugh William, auctioneer, land & estate agent & surveyor, High St
+Stoner Sydney, artificial teeth maker, Station Rd, Fridays 11am till 2pm; & at *Bridge Cottages, Horeham Rd Station, 3 to 6pm
+Streatfield Ezra Richard, wheelwright & general smith; motor cars repaired & painted, High St
+Swan Oliver Howard, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, Station Rd. & Fridays at 3pm, at *Bridge Cottages, Horeham Rd Station; & High St Hailsham
#Tester Edwin, cowkeeper, Brook
#Thomas Mary (Miss), dress maker, 2 Beaconsfield Terrace
#Thorpe Ernest, photographer
#Thorpe Horace, cycle reopairer
#Thurston Edward F. butcher, see Ticehurst & Thurston
#Ticehurst & Thurston, butchers
*Tolman F. J. & Co. auctioneers, surveyors & tenant right, timber, agricultural & property valuers, house, land & estate agents & insurance agents, 1 Bank Buildings
+Toye William, fancy repository, High St
*Tupper Ruth (Mrs), apartments, Alexandra Villa
*Turner Frederick Thomas, builder
+Vera Madam, costumier, Bank Buildings, High St
#Vine Walter, farmer, Belle Vue Farm
*Voy Sydney, poultry farmer
+Wallis Sidney, baker, High St & confectioner, Station Rd
+Watson E. & Son F.A.I., auctioneers, land & timber surveyors, valuers, house, land, estate & insurance agents, High St (T.A. “Watsons, Heathfield2); & at 80 Victoria St. Westminster, London SW
*Webb Carlo, physician & surgeon (Surgery)
+Webster William Frederick M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. High St
#West Robert H. plumber
*Whatley Henry Thomas, job master
*Winter Alfred, farmer, Manor Farm
*Working Men’s Club (William Beauford, president)

21 Nov 2006

Transcribed by Stacey Gardner

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