Kelly's Directory 1909, Chichester, West Sussex

Chichester anciently ďCissan-ceasterĒ, the ďfortress of CissaĒ is an ancient Roman city, the see of a bishop, municipal borough, head of petty sessional division and county court district, and a market and union town, and gives its name to a rape; it is locally situated in the south-western division of the county, hundred of Box & Stockbridge and rural deanery, archdeaconry and diocese of Chichester, and has a station on the London, Brighton & South Coast railway (Portsmouth line), 69 miles from London by railway and 61 by road, 30 from Southampton, 18 from Portsmouth, 10 Ĺ from Arundel, 18 from Worthing, 28 Ĺ from Brighton, 63 from Hastings, 36 ĺ from Lewes and 7 from Bognor. A line from Midhurst, 12 miles north, was opened in the year 1881. The city, which is of very remote antiquity, was, about the close of the 5th century; taken from the Britons by Ella, whose son, Cissa, rebuilt it; the city is pleasantly situated on a gently eminence, a few miles south of the South Downs, and is nearly surrounded by the Lavant, an intermittent stream, which flows at its Base. The port of Chichester is at Dell Quay, in the parish of Appledram, about 1 Ĺ miles from the city, and the Chichester canal, formerly a branch of the Arundel & Portsmouth canal, comes up to its southern suburb. The principal streets diverge east, north and south from the ancient Gothic market cross, built by Bishop Storey in 1500. The city walls, extensively rebuilt in the reign of Edward III. Richard II. And Henry VI. And left untouched at the Restoration, are lined within by ranges of lofty elm trees, which, from their very elevated situation, have a beautiful and uncommon appearance, the cathedral being the only object visible above the. The whole extent of the walls, disposed roughly in an irregular circle, is about 2,500 yards, or nearly a 1 Ĺ miles; they originally had 16 towers and 4 gates, but the former were removed for the sake of their materials, and the last having become ruinous, were taken down in the years 1772 & 1783.

The Hundred of Manhood & Selsey Tramway opened in 1897, starts from the city and terminates at Selsey Beach.

Various charters have from time to time been granted to the city, the earliest now extant being that of King Stephen; under the provisions of the latest of these, granted by James II the government of the city is vested in a mayor & corporation. By a Local Government Order, in 1893, confirmed by the Act 56 & 57 Vict. C. 132, the city was extended by the incorporation of further parts of the parishes of Rumboldswyke, Oving, St. Pancras, St. Bartholomew, All Saints, Sub-Deanery and St James (extra parochial); in 1895 the city was again extended by the inclusion of further parts of Sub-Deanery, St Bartholomew and St Pancras, which included the new asylum for the county of West Sussex and the barracks. The city is now divided in 3 wards, and the whole of the parishes were consolidated as the parish of Chichester by Local Government Board Order, dated 26th March 1896. The city is has a commission of the peace and separate court of quarter sessions. The elective franchise was conferred upon this city by Edward I (1294-5) and the borough returned two members of Parliament until by the passing of the ďRepresentation of the People Act 1867Ē (30 & 31 Vict. C. 102) the representation was reduced to one only, and by the ďRedistribution of Seats Act, 1885Ē (48 & 49 Vict. C. 23), the representation was merged in that of the county. The city was thoroughly drained by the Corporation in 1894, at an estimated cost of £41,000, the whole of the sewage gravitating to an outfall at Appledram Sluice, whence, after being chemically treated and passed overland, it is discharged on the top of the tide into Chichester harbour; the whole was carried out under the direction of Mr Baldwin Latham M.I.C.E. and subsequently improved and enlarged.

The city is lighted with gas by a local company and supplied with water from works belonging to the Coporation; the pumping station and wells are at Old Fishbourne; and there are 3 engines by which the water is pumped into reservoirs of 230,000 gallons capacity, placed on an eminence near the Barracks, and is thence supplied by pressure service to the city and surrounding district.

By an order of the West Sussex County Council, November 29 1895, all the old civil parishes and parts of parishes forming the municipal borough have been formed into one, and called the parish of Chichester. At the same time those parishes of St Bartholomew & St Peter the Great or Sub-Deanery, outside the municipal area, were added to New Fishbourne, and the extra-municipal portion of St Pancras amalgamated with Donnington.

At the same time of the removal of the South Saxon see from Selsey to Chichester, a monastery, dedicated to St Peter, existed with the walls, partly on the site of the present cathedral, and the monastic church seems at first to have served as that of the see; a cathedral was however, begun by Bishop Ralph (1091-99) and dedicated to St Peter; this structure was completed in 1108, but in 1114 and again in 1186 was injured by fire; on its restoration, in 1199, it was greatly enlarged and altered by Bishop Seffrid, and the existing church as far as the eastern termination of the choir, with the Norman masses of Bishop Ralph being especially curious; Bishop Simon Fitz-Robert (1204-10) brought marble from Purbeck and Petworth for the shafts, but the introduction of stained glass, which destroyed it effectiveness, coupled with its brittleness and tendency to decay, led to its disuse; Bishop Neville (1222-44) began the spire; Gilbert de St Leonard, bishop (1288-1304), lengthened the Lady chapel; John de Langton, bishop (1305-36), rebuilt the south wall of the south transept, with its beautiful window, and erected the bell-tower and the stalls; the oak altar screen is said to have been given by Bishop Sherbourne (1508-36). The church consists of a nave of 8 bays, with 4 aisles (a peculiarity shared by no other English cathedral save that of Manchester), a north transept, with eastern chapel; and a south transept, with eastern chapel it has also a choir of 3 bays ( the tower arches being thrown into it and used as the choir proper), choir aisles, an eastern ambulatory or retro-choir with chapels; and a lady chapel of 5 bays; the nave aisles terminate westward in towers; the windows of the south-west tower, after having been blocked up for generations, were re-opened, and the base of the tower is now used as a baptistery; the north-west tower was completed under the careful direction of Mr F. L. Pearson R.A., F.S.A.; the western entrance is recessed, but plain; nearly parallel with the west end, at a few yards distant towards the north, stands the bell tower, a massive work of Perpendicular date and of 4 stages, surmounted by a battlemented lantern, connected by small flying buttresses with octagonal turrets, springing from the angles; it is generally attributed to Bishop Langton (1305-36) and is sometimes called Rymanís tower, from a tradition that the Bishop purchased of William Ryman a quantity of hewn stone which he had collected to build a castellated house of Appledram.

The nave of 8 bays is well proportioned and has massive piers, flanked by half columns with cushioned capitals, supporting round moulded arches, a triforium, clerestory and stone vaulting; the breadth of the nave (91 feet) is greater than that of any other English cathedral, except York (103 feet); the outer aisles of the nave, at first distinct chapels, were built in the reign of Henry III the arches dividing them from the true nave aisles is being cut through the outer walls of the cathedral. The choir proper, placed, as it has always been, under the tower, was separated from the nave (until shortly before the fall of the spire in 1861) by a stone screen of Perpendicular work, the oratory of Bishop Arundel (1458-78); the was ďa vaulted stone passage, bounded on the west by an open arcade of 2 wide arches, with an intermediate narrow oneĒ, and containing, on its eastern side, north and south staircases leading to the organ loft, placed 16 feet above the pavement of the nave, with a parapet about 5 feet high; it has been entirely removed in 1905 was re-erected in the campanile; the south transept was part of the Norman cathedral; but was partially rebuilt after the fall of the spire; its south wall is entirely reconstructed by Bishop John de Langton, who inserted the richly traceried window of 7 lights and above it a rose window; opening from the east wall is the chapel of St Pantaleon, now used as a vestry; and on the west side is the sacristy, an apartment of Early English date, forming part of the work completed after the fire of 1186; above it is the chapter house, erected in the 15th century and entered by a spiral staircase from the nave; the west wall of this transept was covered before the spire fell with portraits of the kings of England, from the Conqueror to George I and between these and the south wall were the great Sherburne pictures; on the east wall were the portraits of the bishops; the portraits of the kings were almost wholly destroyed by the ruin of the tower, but those of the bishops were saved and are now in the north transept; the great pictures were executed under the direction of Bishop Sherburne (1508-36), by Theodore Bernardi, an Italian artist, and represent, in 2 compartments, with figures larger than life, the bestowal of the monastery of Selsey on St Wilfred by Ceadwalla and the confirmation by Henry VIII of grants to the cathedral by Bishop Sherburne; the north transept, formerly the Sub-Deanery or parish of St Peter, was thrown into the cathedral in 1851; its walls are Norman, and a Norman arch once opening to an eastern apsidal chapel, still remains; this was replaced after the burning of the Norman church, by an Early English chapel now arranged as a chapter library, among the treasures of which are Cranmerís copy of the service book of Hermann, Archbishop of Cologne, and Eustathius on Homer, with the manuscript notes of Salmaxius; some antiquities discovered during recent restorations are also preserved here, including a silver chalice and paten of the 12th century a portion of a pastoral staff, and a remarkable leaden cross from the coffin of Godefrideus (1087-8), second Bishop of Chichester, besides a collection of manuscripts found in the year 1894, and including an original charter of Oslac Duke of the South Saxons, dated A.D.780, granting certain lands to the church of Selsey; against the north wall of the transept are now placed the Episcopal portraits referred to above; these are also Bernardiís work, and represent the prelates of Selsey and Chichester from the foundation of the see to the time of Bishop Sherburne, but are almost wholly ideals.

The presbytery, or eastern choir, extends three bays eastwards of the tower and actual choir and these bays are exactly similar in design to those of the nave; the choir proper, placed as before stated, under the tower, was re-arranged by Bishop Sherburne, who included in his work a high wooden altar screen; the modern reredos for many years substituted for it was designed by Messes. Slater & Carpenter and executed by Mr Forsyth, but has now been given to the church of St Saviourís, Preston, Brighton; in 1890, a rood screen, from designs by Messrs. Bodley & Garner, architects, was erected as a memorial to the Ven. John Russell Walker M.A. canon residentiary and archdeacon of Chichester, d. 1887; light iron grilles divide the 3 bays of the presbytery from the aisles, the Norman walls of which, uninjured by the fire, exist for nearly one entire bay, east of the altar, where they were interrupted by lateral apsidal chapels, not now extant. The style of the easternmost part of the church, or retro-choir, carried out by Selfrid or his successor, is the same as that adopted in the restoration of the Norman nave and presbytery, with some modifications, then newly introduced from France, but the space to be inclosed being short, the circular pier arch was still retained and singularly adapted to the Early English work. The Lady chapel which opens from the retro-choir by an enriched Pointed Arch, consists of 5 bays, the 3 westermost being still, in the main, Norman, but with overlaid work of the same date as the 2 Decorated eastern bays, added by Bishop Gilbert de St Leofard; Decorated windows are inserted in the older walls; there are 2 aumbries on the south side and modern sedilia; the original altar slab, which had been built into the wall near the south porch, has been replaced, and some rich modern tiling, with the signs of the zodiac, laid in front of the altar; on the vaulting of the Lady chapel is a fragment of the paintings with which the whole of the cathedral roof were decorated by Bishop Sherburne through his protťgť, Bernardi; this beautiful structure long remained in a state of ruin, and about 1750 part of the space beneath it was granted to Charles, 3rd Duke of Richmond, as a mausoleum for his family, and here (19th November 1902) was interred F. M. His Highness Prince Edward of Saxes Weimar K.P., G.C.B., G.C.V.O. who died in London 16th November 1902, and who had married Lady Augusta, daughter of the 5th Duke of Richmond. The windows of this chapel were afterwards partly blocked up and the building converted into a library for the chapter; more recently, in 872, it was completely restored as a memorial to the late Bishop Gilbert; all the finely-traceried windows have been filled with stained glass, including 4 inserted in June, 1882, at the cost of Mr J.F. France, of London; and a reredos of mosaic has also been erected.

The central tower above the roof (as it existed before the fall in 1861) dated from the 1st half of the 13th century, and the spire which surmounted it from the beginning of the 15th, the tradition being that the master mason built Salisbury spire and his man that of Chichester; the fires of 1114 & 1186 had, however, much injured the walls, the ashlar of which, as is usual in the Norman work, had never been well bonded into the rubble of the centre. The 4 Norman arches were rebuilt before the carrying up of the tower in the 13th century, but in doing this, no provision was made to distribute the pressure on the piers and walls adjacent, with the result that the Norman tower piers were actually being crushed by the super incumbent weight, and the continued vibration of the spire, under the action of the wind, no doubt assisted in disintegrating the materials and hastening the great catastrophe, which occurred at 1.30pm on Thursday 21st February 1861, when the whole tower and spire, violently beaten upon by a great storm of wind from the N.E., & N.W., descended perpendicularly into the church, destroying in its fall the tower arches with their piers, the entire eastern bay of the nave, and the greater part of the western bay of the choir, the spire however, singularly retaining its upright position to the very last.

The work of the rebuilding was begun in the spring of 1861 under the direction of the late Sir G. Gilbert Scott R.A. and Mr. Slater, and in June, 1866, the capstone of the new spire was fixed; the new work is in every respect a facsimile of the old with the exception that the total height is now about 277 feet instead of 271 feet, as previously; the spire, rising from a battlemented tower, with angle turrets, also battlemented, is octagonal, with a two-light window on each face, and is surrounded by two broad ornamental bands of elegant design; the total cost of re-erection was £43,846, of which amount £6,000 was expended on the foundations; a new lightening conductor was fixed to the spire in June 1884, under the direction of the late Mr G. M.Hills, architect of London. Coincident with the restoration of the spire, other alterations were effected, and the cathedral was re-opened in November 1867. The successful result of these important undertakings was in a high degree due to the zeal of Dr. Hook, then Dean, and in recognition thereof a pulpit of Caen stone and Purbeck marble, designed in the 13th century style, by the late Sir G. Gilbert Scott R.A. has, among other memorials to him, been placed in the cathedral. In the north-west tower is placed a very remarkable oaken chest, 8ft in length; it is believed to be of Saxon workmanship, but some portions of the ironwork display 13th century forms. In the wall of the south choir aisle, east of the transept, are fixed 2 sculptured slabs, of very unusual character, said to have been removed from Selsey, and discovered in 1829 behind the stalls of the choir, where they had long been concealed; the subjects represented are the ďRaising of LazarusĒ and the ďMeeting of Our Lord with Martha and MaryĒ and the work is probably early Norman.

The principal monuments in the cathedral are as follows; In the Lady chapel a low coped slab with bead mouldings, bearing on its western end the legend ďRadulfus EpsĒ, and, on the top, carvings of a pastoral staff and a mitre with fillet, and assigned to Bishop Ralph, founder of the Norman church; above is the mural monument of Bishop Bickley, ob.1596; 2 slabs with pastoral staves, on the south side, have been assigned to Bishops Hilary & John of Greenford; in the south choir aisle is the tomb of Bishop Sherburne, ob.1536, with his effigy on an altar tomb, beneath a flat arched crested canopy; the side is panelled with shields of arms, supported by angels; this tomb was restored in 1847 by New College, Oxford. The chapel of St Mary Magdalene, at the east end of the aisle, was restored in 1894 as a memorial to the late Rev. Thomas Francis Crosse D.C.L. Canon residentiary and Precentor of the cathedral, d. 1888, from designs by Messrs. Bodley & Garner, architects of London, in the north choir aisle is a bust of Bishop Otter (1836-40), by Towne, and under a canopy a few paces westward is the tomb of Bishop Storey, ob. 1503 (the builder of the market cross), with his effigy in alabaster; in the north wall is a small slab of Petworth marble carved with a trefoil, inclosing a heart held by 2 hands, and inscribed ďIci gist le Coeur Maud de . . .Ē, in the south transept is the tomb, with effigy of Bishop Stratford (1337-52), restored by Richardson in 1847; here also is an inscribed tablet, with arms, to the late Mr. C. E. Kempe, eminent as an artist in stained glass, and, within a canopied arch, is the tomb of Bishop Langton (1305-07), who built this transept; in the north transept are the monuments of, Bishop Henry King, the poet (1642-69), Bishop Grove (1691-6), Bishop Carleton (1678-85), and in the retro-choir those of Bishop Day & Bishop Barlow or Bishop Curtleys; the nave aisles are which in monuments by Flaxman, the best being those of William Collins, the poet, d. 1759, and buried in St Andrewís church; Agnes Cromwell, d. 1797; and Jane Smith, d. 1781; in the outer north aisle is the altar-tomb of Richard Fitz-Alan, 14th Earl of Arundel, beheaded in 1397, and his countess, also restored by Richardson in 1843; a table-tomb, with a female effigy, of Caen stone, at the east end of this aisle, in the chapel of S.S. Edmund & Thomas, is of the best Decorated period, and is probably intended for Maud, Countess of Arundel, the patroness of St Richard; at the west end of the same aisle is a statue of the Right Hon. William Huskisson M.P. (d. 15th September 1830), by Carew, and in the north transept a mural tablet by Gibson R.A. to his widow, who died in 1856. The eastern half of the outer south aisle, consisting of 2 bays, forms the chapel of St Clement, which 1898, was restored and refitted under the direction of Mr G. F. Bodley A.R.A., F.S.A. and contains a fine canopied altar tomb to the Rt. Rev. Richard Durnford D.D. bishop of Chichester 1870-95, erected at a cost of £2,000. The stained glass in the nave is entirely modern, one of the west windows being a memorial to Dean Chandler, inserted by the parishioners of All Saints, Marylebone, London. The glass in the cathedral generally displays the condition and gradual improvement in the art during a long period, the new windows in the Lady Chapel furnishing admirable examples of modern work.

The font was presented by Bishop Durnford in 1894, and the old font has been given to St Paulís, Worthing.

The elegant Early English porch in the south aisle, added by Bishop Seffrid, had placed on its tympanum, in 1894, a life sized statue of St Richard, by H. Hems, of Exeter; this porch gives access to the cloisters, the position of which, lying eastward under the choir, is altogether unusual; they are Perpendicular in style, and irregular in plan, with west, south and east walks, the latter opening into the retro-choir; over a door in the south walk is a shield of arm of Henry VII marking the former house of the Kingís chaplains, who served a chantry in the Lady Chapel, founded by Henry V; beyond it is a mural tablet to William Chillingworth, the author of ďReligion of ProtestantsĒ who died at the palace, January 30th 1644, and was buried in this cloister; at the south-east angle of the cloisters is the chapel of St Faith, a structure of the 14th century, and now a dwelling house. The bell-tower, or campanile, the only existing English example of a detached bell tower, adjoining a cathedral, is 120 feet in height, on a square base of 56 feet, and contains a clock with chimes, and a peal of 8 bells; the total length of the cathedral is 380 feet; the nave being 156 feet long, 91 feet 9 inches broad, and 62 feet 3 inches high; the transept is 131 feet long, and 34 feet 3 inches broad, and the western towers 95 feet high. The church was used as a barrack by the soldiers of William Waller, who on December 29th 1643, destroyed the stained glass, organ, carved work and ornaments; fifty despoiled matrices of brasses are still left; what remained was further devastated by the troops of Sir Arthur Haselrigge in 1648.

The site of the cathedral endows it with a peculiar character, for it is the only cathedral that can be seen at sea, and its tall spire is therefore like a landmark to the pilgrim and the mariner; the best general views of the structure will be gained from the city walls to the north from West Street, and from East Street looking west; an excellent distant prospect may also be obtained from the road south of the city, after passing the railway station; and another, which is well worth seeing is obtainable from a road, on the north-west, towards Funtington. Among the Bishops may be mentioned Wilfred, who when a refugee among the South Saxons, taught then the use of the net, and became their first bishop; Ethelric, last Bishop of Selsey; Stigand, who removed the see to Chichester; Seffrid I deposed in 1145; Seffrid II, who restored the cathedral; Ralph Neville, Chancellor of England; Richard de la Wych, the sainted Bishop, canonized in 1261; Gilbert de St Leofard, builder of the Lady chapel; John de Langton & Robert Stratford, Chancellors; Richard Praty, Chancellor of Oxford; Reginald Peacock, author of the ďRepressor of Overmuch Blaming the ClergyĒ, John Arundel, chaplain & physician to Henry VI; Edward Storey, builder of the market cross; Robert Sherburne, who munificently adorned the cathedral; William Barlow; Henry King, James Iís ďKing of Preachers); John Lake, deprived after 1688, as a non-juror; Edward Waddington, who restored the palace; and Francis Hare, the opponent of Bishop Hoadly.

The Bishopís palace, which opens from the west end of the cloisters, is supposed to have been erected soon after the building of the cathedral, on the site of a Roman villa, and includes a chapel of the time of Henry VIII sufficiently large for ordinations, some of which have been held in it; the interesting ribs of the chapel roof are more complicated and numerous than in earlier specimens, but the windows are later; the doorway is of the Norman period; the hall was formerly used, not only for purposes of hospitality, but for judicial trials; Bishop Sherburne rebuilt the wing in the gothic style, and it comprises, beside the hall, a great dining-room and a large kitchen; the timber framed roof of the former is painted in compartments with the arms of the neighbouring nobility and gentry of that period; the palace was repaired in 1727; again in 1780 by Bishop Buckner, and thoroughly repaired and restored by the late Bishop Wilberforce (1895-1908), previous to his occupation of it; and contains some old pictures and stained glass. A fine library has been erected by the Bishop on the site of the ancient laundry.

There are 10 parish churches:-

All Saintí or the Pallant Church is of stone, in the Early English style, and has a turret containing one bell; there are memorial windows and monuments to the families of Peckham Bayley, Blagden, Clayton & Sanden; there are 180 sittings all free. The register dates from the year 1557. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £55, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and held since 1891 by the Rev. Frederic John Birkett M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford who is also rector of At Andrewís.

St Andrewís is an ancient structure in the Decorated style, and has a turret containing one bell; there are several memorial windows; the church has been restored and will seat 180 persons. The register dates from the year 1568. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £105, in the gift of the Dean & Chapter of Chichester, and held since 1891 by the Rev. Frederic John Birket M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford, who is also the rector of All Saints.

St Bartholomewís, erected in 1832 near the site of the ancient round church destroyed in the siege of Chichester by the parliamentary forces in the reign of Charles I is of stone, in the Byzantine style, and has 200 sittings, 96 of which are free. The register dates from the year 1571. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £260, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester and held since 1900 by the Rev. John Walter Parrington M.A. of Christís College, Cambridge.

St Jamesís, formerly an extra-parochial place is now a parish, but there is no church.

St John the Evangelistís, New Town, erected in 1813, at a cost of £7,000 is of white brick in the Greek Classic style, and has a campanile containing one bell; there are 700 sittings, of which 250 are free. The living is an incumbency, net yearly value £176, in the gift of the dean & canons, the archdeacon, presenter, the mayor of Chichester and others, as trustees, and held since 1902 by the Rev. Charles Edward Steintz M.A. of Christís College, Cambridge.

St Martinís, in St Martinís street, was closed in 1903, and taken down, and the memorials in it transferred to the church of St Olave; the site, including the churchyard, has been inclosed, and the position marked by a memorial tablet. The living is a rectory, united by Order in Council, to that of St Olave.

St Olaveís is of stone, with portions of Roman, Saxon and Early English work, and has a belfry containing one bell; in the church are memorials to Miss Martha Deare, eldest daughter of John Deare esq. alderman & town clerk, who died July 18th 1807, and who in 1804 restored and refitted the church of St Martin; to Richard Braman, twice mayor, ob. 1726, and to John Dawes gent ob. 1786; all these were transferred to St Olaveís on the demolition of St Martinís; the church has been restored and has sittings for 60 persons. The register of baptisms, marriages & burials dates from the year 1569 and that of St Martinís 1560. The living is a rectory, united to that of St Martinís, joint net yearly value £140, in the gift of the Dean & Chapter of Chichester, and held since 1897 by the Rev. Frank Rowland Lees M.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, who is also priest-vicar of Chichester cathedral.

St Pancrasís church is of flint & stone, in the Early English style, and has a tower containing a clock and 1 bell; the church has sittings for 325 persons; John William and George Smith, landscape painters (1764-76), are buried in the churchyard. The register dates from the year 1559. The living is a rectory, net yearly value, £240, with residences and 27 acres of glebe, in the gift of Simeonís trustees, and held since 1893, by the Rev. John Henderson, of St Aidanís

St Paulís, erected in 1836, is of stone, in the Early English style, and has a tower containing 1 bell; during 1881-2 the church was improved at a cost of £900, and in 1883 the tower was restored at a cost of £200; there are 600 sittings. The register dates from the year 1845. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £266, in the gift of the dean and chapter, and held since 1883 by the Rev. Edward Bray M.A. of St Johnís College, Cambridge, who is also perpetual curate of Sennicotts.

St Peter the Great, or the Sub-Deanery, erected about 1852, is of stone, in the Early Decorated style; the east window is stained; there are about 600 sittings. The register of baptisms & marriages dates from the year 1558; burials from 1568. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £62 10s with residence, in the gift of the dean & chapter, and held since 1905 by the Rev. Rowland John Burdon M.A. of New College, Oxford, prebendary of Chichester and examining chaplain to the Bishop of Chichester.

St Peter the Less is of stone, in the Early English style, and has a tower containing 1 bell, the church was restored and enlarged in 1862-3, and again in 1879-80, at a cost of £500; there are 120 sittings. The register dates from the year 1678. The living is a rectory, (now in sequestration), net yearly value, from Queen Anneís Bounty & 5 acres of land £61, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester, and held since 1903 by the Rev. Herbert Rickard M.A. of Jesus College, Oxford, prebendary of Chichester, and principal of the Theological College, Chichester.

St Rumboldís, Rumboldswhyke, in the rural deanery of Boxgrove (Div.I) is of rubble, in the Early English & Norman styles, and has a turret containing 1 bell; the church was restored in 1866, and affords 210 sittings, but is now used once a month only. The register dates from the year 1670. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £160, with 14 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester, and held since 1909 by the Rev. Ernest Augustus Glover D.D. of Exeter College, Oxford.

St Georgeís church attached to St Rumboldís, was erected in 1903, at a cost of £4,000, on a site given from the glebe, and is an edifice of red brick & stone, with a turret containing 1 bell from designs by Messrs. Cutts, architects, of London, there are 500 sittings.

The Catholic church, dedicated to St Richard, and built in 1855, has a turret containing one bell the east window is a memorial and there is a monument to Anthony James, 5th (titular) Earl of Newburgh, died 29th November 1814, and to Anne (Webb), his wife, died 3rd August 1861; there are sittings for 140 persons.

There are Wesleyan Methodist, Congregational, Primitive Methodist, Unitarian, United Methodist, and Calvinistic chapels, a place of worship for the Brethren & Salvation Army barracks.

The cemetery, situated about 1 ľ miles east of the Cross, in the parish of Chichester, comprises 8 acres, and has 2 mortuary chapels; the total cost was £3,075; it under the control of the Town Council, acting as a Burial Board.

The Council House in North Street, was erected in 1731, at a cost of £1,189, and contains a council chamber, a sessions court and a spacious and elegant assembly room, seating 32o persons, and containing several valuable oil paintings, including portraits of George I & II, and Charles I & II.

The Market House and Corn Exchange was built in 1833, and has extensive warehouses and stores. The cattle market situated near Eastgate & opened in 1871, has an area of 6 acres, and is fitted with iron pens.

The trade of the city is chiefly corn, coal, timber, flour & malt and in supplying the surrounding agricultural district; wool stapling, tanning & brewing are likewise branches of some importance.

Markets are held every Wednesday for corn, and every alternate Wednesday for cattle, sheep and pigs; the only fair is Sloe Fair, held on the 20th October, all others having been abolished by an Act of Parliament.

The great Market Cross of Chichester is one of the very few structures of this kind now standing, as was completed about the year 1500 by Edward Storey, Bishop of Chichester; the cross is octagonal in plan and consists of an open arcade of flat moulded arches with ogee-crocketed pinnacles; in 1724 a clock was given by Dame Elizabeth Farrington; the total height is 50 feet; the cross was repaired in 1502 & 1574, and in 1745 was completely restored at the expense of Charles, second Duke of Richmond K.G.

Chichester is the depot of No.35 Regimental District, Royal Sussex Regiment, comprising 1st & 2nd battalions 35th & 107th Foot, 3rd Special Reserve battalion, attached to the Eastern command; head quarters London. The barracks, on the Broyle Road, about ĺ mile north from the city, consist chiefly of a number of wooden buildings, distributed over a space of about 12 acres, and afford quarters for one field officer, a quartermaster, 8 officers and about 476 men, including also quarters for 50 married soldiers. There is a garrison school chapel, officersí and sergeantsí mess and canteen. The keep, a fine structure of brick, was erected at a cost of about £5,000 as a store for the army reserve and special reserve.

The Territorial Force having head quarters in the city comprise C Squadron of the Sussex Yeomanry and G Co. of the 4th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment, with detachments at Eastergate & Bognor.

There is a Literary Society & Institute, with a museum & library, the latter containing about 9,000 volumes; the museum is particularly rich in ornithological & ethnographical collections, and in objects from New Zealand and the South Sea Islands, as well as in Roman antiquities; the collection of shells is also very good, and some of the geological specimens, especially those of mammalian found in this neighbourhood, are unrivalled.

The Chichester Library Society, in East Street, established in 1792, possesses a large valuable library of about 8,000 volumes.

Chichester Technical Institute, North Street, built in 1900 in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, comprises a school of art, lecture hall, class rooms and carpenterís and blacksmithís shops; the St Johnís Ambulance Brigade also holds classes here. It is governed by the Education Committee of the Town Council.

The West Sussex, East Hampshire & Chichester Infirmary & Dispensary, built in 1826, was enlarged in 1839 & 1868; the infirmary has 70 beds. Attached to the hospital is a private nursing branch.

There is also an Isolation Hospital, in Spitalfields Lane, for infectious diseases.

The West Sussex Lunatic Asylum, at Graylingwell, standing on an estate of 245 acres, 95 feet above the sea level and 6 miles from the sea, was begun in May, 1895, and opened for the reception of patients in, July 1897; the buildings, enlarged in 1901, are of red brick with stone facings, and comprise 11 blocks, each of 2 storeys, erected from designs by Messrs. Arthur Blomfield & Sons, and completely equipped for the scientific treatment of insanity; the asylum is now (1909) available for 800 patients. There is a detached chapel of red brick and flint in the Early English style, seating 400 persons, and a recreation hall, holding 500 people, with a stage.

Here are 2 Lodges of the Freemasons, and other benefit societies, including Oddfellows, Foresters, Hearts of Oak, Good Intent, National Deposit Friendly Society, Carpenters & Bricklayers & Sons of Temperance.

John Hardham, tobacconist, of Fleet Street, London, in 1772 bequeathed the whole of this property in the funds, now amounting to £22,735 13s 9d and realizing at the present time about £568 a year to the poor of the city. Dearís almshouses were built in 1802 by Miss Dear, of Chichester, who left £1,000, the interest of which was to be applied in repairing the buildings, and the residue (if any) to be divided between the 4 female inmates, each of whom receives about £6 a year.

The Hospital of the Blessed Virgin Mary, founded 1158-1170, in the reign of Henry II by William, Dean of Chichester, and removed to its present site about 1253, was intended to be a temporary home for sick and infirm folk, and the brothers and sisters who dwelt within its walls were required to act as nurses; it was also intended to serve as a night refuge for the wandering poor of casuals of the day. The foundation now consists of a custos & 5 inmates as originally appointed, besides 3 other inmates who are supported from a separate fund called ďBakerís CharityĒ; the buildings chiefly of the Lancet period, included a chapel of the 13th century, and a hall of the 14th century; the chapel is almost entirely of the Geometric Decorated period and has an elegant screen exhibiting signs of a Jacobean restoration, a canopied piscine traceried sedilia and stalls with misereres; the hall has a fine wooden roof, carried on wooden pillars and converting the interior into the form of the nave with aisles; the hall is separated from the chapel by a good Decorated screen; there are also a number of non-foundation alms people and pensioners who receive a weekly stipend from this charity. King Edward VII visited the hospital 23rd November 1906, and again together with H.M. the Queen & Princess Victoria, in August 1908; in November 1908, H.R.H. the Princess of Wales & Princess Victoria Mary visited the hospital. Bakerís charity, above mentioned, produces £30 yearly. Residences for 4 male alms people and a porter were erected in 1905, and are now occupied. St Jamesís Hospital for Lepers has an endowment of about £120 yearly, which is now applied in aid of the funds of the West Sussex & East Hants Infirmary.

Kingsham is a detached part of the parish of St Pancras. Kingsham House is an ancient mansion surrounded by a moat.

Stockbridge is a hamlet in the parishes of All Saints, St Bartholomew and St Peter the Great. The hundred of Box & Stockbridge, was one of the 10 annexed to the earldom of Arundel & Chichester.

The Priory Park is a large inclosed piece of ground, occupying a great portion of the north-east quarter of the city, once the site of a monastery of Franciscan or Grey Friars, dedicated to St Peter, is now rented by a private association for subscription, £1 1s. Of the monastic buildings, the aisleless choir, erected 1224-43, still remains, and retains sedilia and a very lofty east window of 5 lights. Hon. sec. Mr. F.B. Tompkins; park-keeper, William Stratton.

The population of the consolidated parish of Chichester in 1901 was 12,244, including 10 officials & 139 inmates in the workhouse, 80 officials and 518 inmates in the West Sussex County Lunatic Asylum and 498 military in the barracks; the area is 1,528 acres of land and 10 of water; rateable value (1909), £56,749.

Rumboldswhyke was a village and parish adjoining the city of Chichester on the south-east, but now forms part of the city and parish of Chichester, a branch of the Chichester canal skirting its western boundary; it is in the rural deanery of Boxgrove (first division). Gubbittís charity of 19s yearly, charged on property, is distributed in money; the church land of one acre, called ďLamp AcreĒ, produces £1 18s annually, which is applied to church purposes. The Teresian Convent of Mount Carmel was erected in 1872, at a cost of about £9,000 and will contain 21 nuns.

Parish Clerk, William Brockway.

Official Establishments, Local Institutions & c.

Post, M.O.&T. Office, 52 & 53 South Street Ė Frederick Wood, postmaster & stamp distributor.
Letters are dispatched on weekdays at 3.45, 8.45, 9.15, 9.40, 9.45, 10.35, 11 & 11.40am & 12.15, 12.40, 12.45, 12.55, 1.25, 1.45, 3.30, 3.45, 4.45, 6.10, 6.25, 7.15, 9, 9.25, & 10pm; Sundays 3.45am & 7.30, 9 & 10pm

Letters can be registered on week days until 10 minutes before the closing of the box, or with an additional fee of 4d up to the time of closing the box.

Money Order Office & Savings Bank open from 8am to 8pm & telegraph, 7 to 9pm; inland revenue business, 9am to 5pm; for other business the office is open from 7am to 9pm & Sundays, 8 to 10am & 5 to 6pm.
The first delivery commences at 7am; the second at 10am; to callers only at 12 noon; third at 2pm & fourth at 6.45pm; Sundays 7am
Telegraph office open from 7am to 9pm for receipt & transmission of messages; Sundays from 8 to 10a & 5 to 6pm
The telegraph office at the railway station is open for delivery of telegrams on Sundays from 8 to 11.30am & 4 to 9pm

Town Sub-post & M. O. Offices

East Street Ė George Chives, town sub-postmaster: 8.50, 9.50 & 11am & 1.15, 3.50, 4.20, 5.30, 8 & 9.50pm; Sundays 8pm
Northgate Ė George Eames, town sub-postmaster: 7.55, 8.55 & 11am & 1.15, 2.55, 4.10, 5.30, 8 & 9pm; Sundays 8pm
Portfield, Oving Road Ė Mrs Ellen Napper, town sub-postmistress: 8.30am & 1, 3, 7.30 & 8pm; Sundays 1pm
Whyke Ė William Blyth, town sub-postmaster: 7.20am & 12.20 & 7.50pm; Sundays 7.20 & 11.10am

Corporation 1908-9
Mayor Ė Alderman John Ogburn Holt
Recorder Ė Charles Frederick Gill K.C. 3 Temple Gardens, London E. C.
Aldermen Retire November 1911
Edward Lake
Peyton Temple Mackeson
William Smith
Aldermen Retire November 1914
Adolphus Ballard
Walter Lewis Gibbings
John Ogburn Holt

Councillors West Ward
Returning Officer for Municipal Elections, Alderman William Smith
Frederick Hill, Retire 1909
Frank Herbert Washington, Retire 1909
Robert Bottrill, Retire 1910
Frederick Chitty, Retire 1910
Herbert Samuel Aylmore, Retire 1911
Henry Mortimer Finch, Retire 1911

East Ward
Returning Officer for Municipal Elections, Alderman Adolphus Ballard
Alfred Leng 1909
Harry Penney 1909
William Butler 1910 Sharp Archibald Garland 1910
George Thomas Apps 1911
James Albert Morris Bew 1911

South Ward
Returning Officer for Municipal Elections Aldrerman, Edward Lake
Daniel Lee 1909
George Michael Turnbill 1909
Arthur Morton Barford 1910
Charles Fowler 1910
William Gale 1911
Edward Walter Horder 1911

The meetings of the Corporation are held at the Council House, North Street, monthly, on Fridays, at 6pm. Elective Auditors C.E. Pillow & Victor V. Vick

Officers of the City Council
Town Clerk, James William Loader Cooper, 42 & 43 East Street
Clerk of the Peace, William T. Haines, West Street
Treasurer, Gerald E. Maltby, 73 East Street
Medical Officer of Health, Reginald Humphrey L.R.C.P.Edin., M.R.C.S.Eng. 8 St John Street
City Surveyor, Water Engineer & Sanitary Inspector, Frank J. Lobley A.M.Inst.C.E. office 7 Lion Street
City Accountant, John St Clair, East Pallant
City Crier, Mace Bearer & Custodian of Council, William Alfred Beatson, North Street
School Attendance Officer, Charles Rees, Westgate
Collector of Rates, George William Jubb Cussons, office, 7 Lion Street
Superintendent of Cattle Market, William Hopkins, 55a, East Street
Superintendent of Cemetery, Edward William Mew

City Justices Of The Peace
Recorder, Charles Frederick Gill K.C., 3 Temple Gardens, London, E.C.
The Mayor & ex-Mayor
Scully His Honor Judge
Ballard Adolphus, East Pallant
Freeland William Bennett Barton, West St
Gibbings Walter Lewis, North St
Mackeson Peyton Temple, Whyke Lodge
Paxton Francis Valentine M.B., South Pallant
Smith William
Streat Eugene Edward, St Martinís House
Turnbull George Michael, Lyndhurst Lodge
Clerk, Francis Blagden Tompkins, 42 & 43 East Street
City Petty Sessions are held at the Sessions Court, North St, every other Saturday, at 11am

County Justices Of The Peace For The Chichester Petty Sessional Divisions
Richmond & Gordon Duke of K.G., G.C.V.O., C.B. Goodwood Chichester, chairman
Davey Rev. Henry Mahony M.A., F.S.A., F.G.S., Cawley Priory, 8 South Pallant, Chichester
Du Pre Francis Baring esq. M.A. Oakwood, Chichester
Fletcher William Holland Ballett esq. M.A. Aldwick Manor, Bognor
Gatehouse George esq., Bognor Lodge, Bognor
Gordon-Lennox Lord Walter Charles, Goodwood, Chichester
Greenwood John Anderton esq. Funtington House, Chichester
Hall Charles Alexander Hall esq. South Hall, Preston Candover, Hants
James William Dodge esq. D.L. Ashling House, Chichester
Long Alfred Thorby esq. Firle Villa, Bognor
Lovett Henry esq., St Lawrence, Bognor
Miller Richard Combe esq.
Synes Herbert William, Colebrooke House, Aldwick, Bognor
Warren Capt. Andrew Rutherford, Warrenfield, Southbourne, near Emsworth
Weller-Poley Thomas esq. M.A. West Broyle, Chichester
The Mayor of Chichester, the chairman of the Bognor Urban District Council & of Westbourne & Westhampnett Rural District Councils, for the time being, are ex-office justices
Clerk to the justices, William Bennett Barton Freeland, West St
Petty Sessions are held every alternate Saturday at the sessions court at 12 noon

The following parishes are included in the division:- Aldingbourne, Appledram, Bersted, Binderton, Birdham, Bognor, Bosham, Boxgrove, Chidham, Compton, Donnington, Earnley, Eartham, East Dean, East Mardon, East Wittering, Funtington, Hunston, Merston, Lavant, New Fishbourne, North Marden, North Mundham, Oving, Pagham, Racton, Selsey, Sidelsham, Singleton, Stoughton, Tangmere, Up Marden, Up Waltham, Westbourne, West Dean, Westhampnett, West Itchenor, West Thorney, West Stoke & West Wittering.

Public Establishments
Assembly Rooms, North St, William Alfred Beatson, custodian
Bishopís Registry, 56 West St, W. B. B. Freeland, sec.; F. J. Ford, chief clerk
Cattle Market, W. Hopkins, superintendent
Cemetery Portfield, J. W. L. Cooper, clerk to the Burial board; Edward William Mew, registrar & superintendent
Corn Exchange, East St, William Bennett Barton Freeland, sec.; John William Jacobs, clerk
Council House, North St, William Alfred Beatson, custodian
County Court Sessions Court, North St, held monthly; His Honor James Scully, judge; Ernest Henry Blaker, registrar & high bailiff; office, 9 West Pallant.

The district comprises the following places Aldingbourne, Aldsworth, Aldwick, Almodington, Appledram, East & West Ashling, Barnham, Bersted, Binderton, Birdham, Bognor, Bosham, Boxgrove, Charlton, Chichester, Chidham, Chilgrove, Colworth Compton, Crocker Hill, Donnington, Earnley, Eartham, East Dean, Eastergate, Elmer, Felpham, Fishbourne, Flansham, Funtington, Goodwood, Halnaker, Hambrook, Hampnett, Hermitage, Hunston, Itchenor, Lavant, Lidsey, Lordington, East North & Up Marden, Merston, Middleton, Mundham, Nutbourne, Nyetimber, Oving, Pagham, Pilsey Island, Portfield, Prinsted, Racton, Rose Green, Runcton, Selsey, Shripney, Sidelsham, Singleton, Stoke West, Stoughton, Strettington, Tangmere, Thorney West, Walderton, Upper Waltham, Waterbeech, Westbourne, Westergate, Westerton, West Dean, Wittering, Woodgate & Woodmancot.

For bankruptcy purposes this court is included in that of Brighton, E. W. J. Savill, official receiver; T. F. H. Finney, 4 Pavillion Buildings, Brighton, assistant official receiver.

Certified Bailiffs appointed under the ďLaw of Distress Amendment ActĒ Arthur Wyatt, East Street; John William Whitehead, 18 South Street & Charles Spratt, Priory Road, Chichester

County Police Station (Chichester Division), 49 Southgate, Horace Ellis, supt; 4 sergeants & 33 constables

Inland Revenue Office, 93 East Street, William Edward Cox, surveyor of taxes; Henry Fitzsimmons, supervisor of customs & excise; Charles H. Duce, officer of customs & excise.

Isolation Hospital for Contagious Diseases, Spitalfields Lane, Reginald Humphrey M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. medical supt.; Miss Florence Gambrill, matron

Ladies Charity for the Assistance of Poor Women in Lying-in, 35 North Street, Mrs E. L. Eames, matron

March Charity for Supplying the Sick Poor with Domestic Comforts, 54 Tower Street; Mrs Margaret Ward, matron

Masonic Chapter (Cyrus No. 38), J. St. Clair, Scribe E.; 3rd Thursday June, September, & December, Council House, North Street

Masonic Chapter (Union No. 38), J. R. Newman, sec.; held at the Council Chamber, Council House, North Street, first Thursday in the month; Mark Masterís Lodge (Regnum 568), F. H. Washington, W.M.: Rose Croix Lodge (No. 159), F.J.W. Crowe, M.W.S. Council House, North Street

Museum, 45 South Street, J. Anderson esq. hon. curator

Probate Registry Office, West Street, William Bennett Barton Freeland, district registrar; Edward King, chief clerk

St Maryís Hospital for Aged Poor, St Martinís Square, William Bennett Barton Freeland, steward; Edward King, bailiff

Fire Brigade, Eastgate, J.J. Budden, captain, & 27 men

West Sussex, East Hampshire & Chichester Infirmary & Dispensary, Broyle Road, E.H.Buckell L.R.C.P.Lond. physician; A.M.Barford M.D., L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. Frederick Skaife M.R.C.S.Eng. David Ewart M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S.Edin. surgeons; Price J. Evans L.D.S.Irel. & L.M. Fleetwood L.D.S.Eng. dental surgeons; William Board Kirkaldy M.D., C.M.Edin., house surgeon; Arthur J Marshall, sec.; Rev. Edward Bray M.A. chaplain; Miss Jones, matron

West Sussex Lunatic Asylum, Duke of Richmond & Gordon K.G. chairman; Ernest H. Blaker, clerk to the committee of visitors; Harold H. Kidd M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. medical superintendent; George Ernest Peachell M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. & Francis Arthur Know Stuart L.S.A. assistant medical officers: Rev. F. J. Birkett M.A. chaplain; Miss Laura E. Cole, matron; James Robert Newman, clerk & steward.

Parish of Chichester

Board day, every alternate Friday at 10am at the workhouse, Northgate.

The area is 1,595 acres; rateable value in 1909, £56,747
Clerk to the Guardians, Francis Blagden Tompkins, 42 & 43 East Street
Chairman of the Board of Guardians, Edward Lake
Treasurer, Gerald Edward Maltby, East Street
Relieving Officer & Collector of the Guardians, Edward Thomas Vick, 67 Spitalfields Lane
Vaccination Officer, George Smith, West Pallant
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Ernest Hook Bucknell L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng 12 West Pallant
Superintendent Registrar, Francis Blagden Tompkins, 42 & 43 East Street; deputy John William Barnes, 7 Clydesdale Avenue
Registrar of Births & Deaths, Miss Emma Matilda Angel, 36 North Street; deputy, George William Jubb Cussons, 7 Lion Street
Registrar of Marriages, Alfred James Kerwood, 43 East Street; deputy Herbert Samuel Aylmore, 42 East Street
Workhouse, in Northgate, formerly constituted Almshouses, founded by William Cawley, in 1626; the premises as now arranged, will hold 190 inmates; Rev.John Henderson, chaplain; Ernest Hook Buckell L.R.C.P.Lond. medical officer; William Charles Wilcocks, master; Mrs Mary Wilcocks, matron


Regimental District No.35

Depot of the Royal Sussex Regiment (1st battalion 35th foot & 2nd battalion 107th).
Head quarters, Barracks, Broyle Road
Commanding Depot, Major N. A. Layton
Depot Officers, Capt. P. S. Cookson & Capt. A. Gouldsmith
Royal Sussex Regiment, 3rd Special Reserve Battalions; head quarters, Barracks, Broyle Road; Lieut-Col. & Hon. Col. S. R. Clarke, commanding; Capt. R. Bellamy D.S.O. adjutant; Hon. Capt. R. Pearce, quartermaster

Territorial Force

Sussex Yeomanry (C Squadron), East Row; Major T. A. Innes D.S.O. commanding; Squad-Sergt.-Major A. E. Huxtable, drill instructor
4th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment (G. Co.), with detachments at Eastergate & Bognor, Drill hall, Priory Park; Capt. W. H. Kenderdine; Color-Sergt. John Dunlop, drill instructor

Public Officers

Assistant Overseer, Samuel Westwood, 7 Lion St
Clerk to the Burial Board, James William Loader Cooper, 42 & 43 East St
Clerk to the Commissioners of Sewers for Western Sussex & to the Commissioners of Land & Income Taxes & County Returning Officer for West Sussex, William Bennett Barton Freeland, 55 West St
Clerk to Guardians & Assessment Committee & Rural District Council & Superintendent Registrar of Westhampnett Union, William Parker Cogan, 5 South St
Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee & Rural District Council & Superintendent Registrar of Westbourne Union, Correspondent to Bosham & Westbourne School Managers & Coroner for the Western Division of the County of Sussex, James William Loader Cooper, 42 & 43 East St
Collectors of District Rates & Assistant Overseers, George William Jubb Cussons & Samuel James Westwood, 7 Lion St
District Probate Registrar (His Majestyís Court of Probate), William Bennett Barton Freeland, West St
Highway Surveyors to the Westhampnett Rural District Council, James John Budden, 4 St Pancras & John Herbert Hobgen, 43 Lyndhurst Road
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Boxgrove & Oving District, Westhampnett Union, Arthur Hastings, Bostock M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., 10 Southgate
Superintendent of Police & Inspector of Weights & Measures, Horace Ellis, supt. & D.C.C. 49 Southgate
Supervisor of Customs & Excise, Henry Fitzsimmons, 93 East St
Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector to the Westhampnett Burial District Council, Cecil William Annis, Terminus Road
Surveyor of Taxes, William Edward Cox, 93 East St
Treasurer of the Administrative County of West Sussex, William Turgis Haines, 11 West St
Veterinary Inspector to West Susses County Council for Chichester District, Richard W. Dawtry M.R.C.V.S., 52 East St

Diocese of Chichester

1908. Lord Bishop, The Right Rev. Charles John Ridgeway D.D. The Palace, Chichester; & Athenaeum Club, London, S.W.
1909 Bishop Suffragan of Lewes, The Right Rev. Leonard Hedley Burrows D.D. The Vicarage, Hove
1902 Dean, The Very Rev. John Julius Hannah D.D., Deanery, Chichester


1903 Chichester, Ven. Edward Leighton Elwes M.A. Woolbending Rectory
1908Lewes, Ven. Theodore Townson Churton M.A., Bexhill Rectory

Cannons Residentiary

1889 Robert Edward Sanderson D.D., 4 St Michaelís Place, Brighton
1897 Arthur Mackreth Deane M.A., Ferring Vicarage
1900 Henry David Jones M.A. Upper St Leonards Rectory, St Leonards-on-sea
1902 James Hoare Masters M.A. The Close, Chichester

1892 Chancellor of the Diocese, The Worshipful Thomas Hutchinson Tristram K.C., D.C.L.
1900 Chancellor of the Cathedral, Henry Mahony Davey M.A., F.S.A., F.G.S. Cawley Priory, Chichester
1904 Treasurer, Rev. Robert Edward Sanderson D.D., 4 St Michaelís Palce, Brighton
1889 Precentor, John Henry Mee M.A., Doc.Mus. The Chantry, Westbourne

Prebends. Prebendaries

1866 Hurst, Robert Sutton M.A. Vicarage, Pevensey, Hastings.
1879 Highleigh, Frederick George Bennett B.C.L. Prebendal House, Chichester
1879 Bracklsham, Charles Thomas Frampton M.A., Orchard St, Chichester
1883 Middleton, Arthur Mackreth Deane M.A., Vicarage, Ferring, Worthing
1891 Wisborough, James Hoare Masters M.A., The Close, Chichester
1892 Woodhorn, James Harvey Simpson M.A., Tarring Rd, West Worthing
1894 Waltham, Gregory Walton Pennethorne M.A., Heathfield Vicarage
1895 Wightring or Wittering, Robert Henry Codrington D.D. St Richardís Walk, Chichester
1896 Fittleworth, Arthur Henry Sanxay Barwell M.A. Bletchingley House, Bletchingly
1896 Sidelsham, John Jackson Mallaby M.A. St Jamesís, Brighton
1896 Selsey, Robert Ingham Salmon M.A. Barcombe, Lewes
1897 Somerley, Henry Brereton Foyster M.A. Croft House, Hastings
1898 Sutton, William Leighton Grane M.A., Vicarage, Cobham
1900 Marden, James Fraser M.A. St Martinís, Chichester
1901 Seaford, Rowland John Burden M.A. Sudeanery House, Chichester
1903 Hampstead, Charles Watson Bond M.A. Vicarage, St Nicholas, Brighton
1903 Gates, Henry David Jones M.A. Rectory, Upper St Leonards
1903 Hove Ecclesia, Benedict G. Hoskyns M.A. Vicar of Brighton
1903 Heathfield, Arthur Pearson Perfect A.K.C. rector, St Johnís Lewes
1903 Colworth, Ven. Theodore Townson Churton M.A. rector, Bexhill
1903 Ipthorne, Edward Sanderson M.A. rector, Uckfield
1903 Firle, Thomas Henry Bodie Shand M.A. rector, Clayton Hassocks
1905 Eartham, Herbert Rickard M.A. Theological College, Chichester
1909 Bury, Henry Palmer M.A. Sullington Rectory
1909 Ferring, Alfred Allen B.D. Christ Church, Eastbourne
1909 Hova Villa (vacant)
1909 Thorney (vacant)

Wiccamical Prebendaries, founded by Bishop Sherburne, 1520 & 1523

1901 Bursalis, Frederick Dobree Teesdale M.A. Bodicote Vicarage, Banbury, Oxon.
1896 Bargham, Walter Francis Short M.A. Donhead St Mary, Salisbury
1897 Wyndham, John Trant Bramston M.A. Culvers Close, Winchester
1902 Exceit, Cecil Deedes M.A. 32 Little London, Chichester

Priest Vicars

1868 Alfred Henry Glennie M.A. Rectory, Lavant, Chichester
1883 Cyril Walker M.A. Funtington, Chichester
1889 John Nicholettes M.A. Vicarís Close, Chichester
1897 Frank Rowland Lees M.A. Cawley Road, Chichester

Examining Chaplains

1895 Rev. Prebendary Rowland John Burdon M.A. Subdeanery House, Chichester
1902 Ven. Theodore Townson Churton M.A. Rectory, Bexhill
1908 Ven. Edward Leighton Elwes M.A. Rectory, Woolbeding
1908 Rev. Albert Ernest Hillard D.D. St Paulís High School

Commissioners under Pluralities Act Ammendment Act 1885

For the Chapter, Very Rev. Dean Hannah, Deanery, Chichester
For Archdeaconry of Chichester, Rev. J. C. B. Fletcher M.A. Mundham, Chichester
For Archdeaconry of Lewes, Rev. G. W. Pennethorne M.A. Heathfield Vicarage

Assessors under the Clergy Discipline Act, 1892

For the Dean & Chapter, J. J. Hannah D.D. Chichester; J. H. Masters, Chichester & H. M. Davey M.A. Chichester
For the Archdeaconry of Chichester, W. Crick, Oving; J. C. B. Fletcher, Mundham; W. F. Shaw, West Stoke & Arthur Hume Simpson M.A. Rogate
For the Archdeaconry of Lewes, Prebendary A.P.Perfect M.A. St Johnís, Lewes; Rev. W.J.Humble-Crofts, Waldron; Rev. F.J.Poole & Rev. A.J.Swainson
Registrar of the Archdeaconry of Chichester & the Archdeaconry of Lewes, W.B.B.Freeland esq. West Street, Chichester
Secretary to the Bishop of Chapter Clerk, W.B.B.Freeland esq. West Street
Diocesan Inspectors of Schools, Revs. H.M.Horden, Singleton rectory, Chichester; W.Loveband, Ifield; C.W.G.Wilson, Mountfield; R.B.Jameson
Surveyor of Ecclesiastical Dilapidations, Lacy W. Ridge, 5 Verulam Buildings, Grayís Inn, London W.C.
1879 Master of the Prebendal School, Prebendary F.G.Bennett B.C.L. Prebendal House, Chichester
Organist, F.J.W.Crowe esq.
Six lay vicars, twelve choristers

Surrogates for the Archdeaconry of Chichester:-
Henry Mahony Davey M.A., Chichester
James Hoare Masters M.A., Chichester
John Charles Ballett Fletcher M.A., Mundham
Prebendary Charles Thomas Frampton M.A., Chichester
Very Rev. John Julius Hannah M.A., Chichester
Walter Crick M.A., Vicarage, Oving
Prebendary Frederick George Bennett B.C.L. Chichester
James Fraser M.A. Chichester
William Bridger Ferris, Christchurch, Worthing
Rev. L.B.Birkett M.A. Westbourne
Rev. Prebendary R.J.Burdon M.A. Chichester
Rev. A.P.Cornwall, Chichester
Ven. Edward Leighton Elwes, Woolbeding
Rev. J.H.Bebbington, Littlehampton
Rev. F. Baggally M.A. rector, Pulborough
Rev. C.F.Mortlock M.A., Vicar, South Bersted
Rev. J. Bond M.A., vicar, Horsham
Rev. E.S.Saleeby, Arundel
Rev. F.Tatchell, Midhurst

Surrogates for the Archdeaconry of Lewes
Henry Brereton Foyster M.A. Hastings
J.H.Masters, Chichester
Alfred Cooper M.A. 20 Chesham Place, Brighton
H.D.Jones M.A. Upper St Leonards
John Julius Hannah M.A., Chichester
Arthur Pearson Perfect A.K.C.L. The Wallands, Lewes
Forbes Edward Reid Currie D.D. Deanery, Battle
Edward Sanderson M.A., Uckfield
T.Peacey M.A., Hove
J.H.Townsend D.D., Broadwater Down
John Jackson Mallaby M.A. Brighton
Charles Watson Bond M.A., Brighton
Robert Edward Sanderson D.D., Brighton
R.G.Mead, Balcombe
B.G.Hoskyns M.A., Brighton
F.W.Goodwyn M.A., Eastbounre
R.H.Belcher M.A., LL.D., Lewes
A.D.C.Clarke M.A., Lewes
H.W.Hunt M.A. Shermanbury
E.J.Sing M.A., Salehurst
A.P.Howes M.A., Rye
Ven. R.Sutton, Pevensey
Rev. R.A.C.Bevan, Hurstpierpoint
Rev. W.Loveband, Ifield

Places of Worship, with times of services R. signifies Rectory; V. Vicarage
Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity; 10.30am & 3.30pm; daily, 10am & 4pm; H.C. 8am & choral on Sundays after morning service; & at 7am on the greater festivals
All Saintsí, or Pallant Church, R. West Pallant, Rev. Frederick John Birkett M.A.; Rev. Evelyn Lopresti curate; 11am, every Sunday; childrens service 2.30pm & 3rd Sundays in the month
St Andrewís R. East Street, Rev. Frederick John Birkett M.A.; Rev Evelyn Lopresti, curate H. C. 8am; evensong 7pm
St Bartholomewís, V. Westgate, Rev. John Walter Parrington M.A.; 11am & 6.30pm; holy days, 8 & 10am alternately
St Johnís Episcopal Chapel, St Johnís Street, Rev. Charles Edward Steinz M.A.; 11am & 6.45pm; Thursday 7pm
St Olaveís, R. North Street, Rev. Frank Rowland Lees M.A.; 11am & 7pm; H. C. 1st,3rd & 5th Sundays, 8am & 2nd & 4th Sundays, 11am & on great festivals, 8 & 11am
St Pancras, R. Eastgate, Rev. John Henderson; 11am & 6.45pm; Thursday 7.30pm
St Paulís, V. Northgate, Rev. Edward Bray M.A.; Rev. Harry Von Glehn, curate; 10.45am; childrenís service at 3pm; evening service at 6.45; daily morning prayer at 8, evening at 5, except wed. & fri, then at 7.30
St Peter the Great, or Subdeanery, V. West Street, Rev. Prebendary Rowland John Burdon M.A.; Rev. William Sherwin Cleather, curate; 8 & 10.30am & 3 & 7pm; daily morning prayer at 8; daily evening prayer at 7pm; fri 10.30am; thurs & saintsí day, H C. 10.30am
St Peter the Less, R. North Street, Rev. Prebendary Herbert Rickard M.A.; holy communion at 8am & twice a month after matins; matins 11am; evening song 7pm; saintsí days 8.15am & 6.30pm
St Rumbold, Rumboldswhyke, R. Rev Ernest Augustus Glover D.D. rector; H. C. 10.15am 1st Sunday in the month. For other services, see St Georgeís church
St Georgeís, Rumboldswhyke, R. Rev. Ernest Augustus Glover D.D. rector; suns 8 & 11am & 3 & 6.30pm
Catholic (St Richardís), Southgate, Rev. Edmund James Miller, priest; mass, Sundays & Holy Days; at 8am & 10.30am & evening service, 6.30pm; weekdays, mass, 7.30am
Society of Friends, 1 Priory Road; Sundays 11am
Baptist (General), Eastgate, Rev. Alfred Joseph Marchant, minister; 6.30pm
Brethren, Crane Street; 11am & 6.30pm; mon. 8pm
Congregational, Southgate, Rev. March Timson; 10.45am & 6.30pm; wed. 8.30pm
Calvinist (Providence), Chapel Street; 10.30am & 6pm; wed. 6.30pm & fri. 7pm
Primitive Methodist, Somers Town, Rev. Bernard Batty; 11am & 6.30pm; thurs 7.30pm
Unitarian, Baffins Lane; Rev. Alfred Joseph Mrchant; 11am
United Methodist Hornet, Rev. R. S. Hall (supt); 10.30am & 6.30pm; wed. 7.30pm in winter & 8pm in summer
Wesleyan Methodist, Southgate, Rev. Charles Angwin (supt); 11am & 6.30pm; tues. 7pm
Salvation Army, Orchard Terrace; 11am & 3 & 6.45pm; mon. & thurs. 8pm


The Theological College, founded in 1839, is an institute for the instruction of candidates for the Holy Orders in Theology & in the duties of the Christian ministry; the work of the college is carried on in the Priest-Vicarsí Hall & the students reside in the hostel, West Street; the Lord Bishop of Chichester is visitor; Rev. Prebendary Herbert Rickard M.A. principal; Rev. Prebendary James Fraser M.A. lecturer
Otter Memorial Training College for Schoolmistresses occupies a pleasant site at a short distance north of the city & is an elegant building of stone, in the Gothic style of the 15th century, founded by subscription as a memorial to Dr. William Otter, Bishop of Chichester (1836-40); it was erected during the years 1849-50, from a design by Mr J Butler, and was formerly used as a training college for schoolmasters; but under the provisions of a scheme, which came in operation in January 1873, it is now a college for the training of gentlewomen & others as schoolmistresses, & is available for 100 students. The buildings include a chapel, library, good class-rooms, & a practising school, & a new wing was added in 1905; adjoining is a field for recreation. The residential staff consists of a lady superintendent & 7 lecturers; Rev. Edwin Hammonds M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, principal. Attached to the college is an elementary school for girls & infants (used as a practising school of the college); Miss Chignell, head mistress.
Prebendal, West Street, founded in 1497, by Bishop Storey & placed under the superintendence & direction of the prebendary of Highleigh; the education imparted is classical, mathematical & general. The Rev. Frederick George Bennett B.A., B.C.L. of St Maryís Hall, Oxford & prebendary of Chichester, is head master.
Oliver Whitbyís, 16 West Street, was founded by Oliver Whitby gent. The son of a canon residentiary of that name, n 1702, for a master of 12 poor boys & educates 48 poor boys, who are also clothed, boarded & lodged; in 1826, the funds having materially increased, the trustees applied to the court of Chancery for power to increase the number of boys to 20 or more; boys whose parents are members of the Church of England & residents in Chichester or the parishes of Harting or West Wittering, are admitted between the age of 9 & 12 & leave the next vacation after they are 14; vacancies are filled by the governors after a competitive examination held 3 times a year, Easter, Harvest & Xmas; in 1906 the school was enlarged & rebuilt on the old site; yearly income of this charity is about £1,200, derived from the tithes, land & funded property; Charles Fairbrother, head master.
The Elizabeth Johnson Girlsí School, in the parish of St Pancras, was established in 1881-2, for 150 children; average attendance 80; Miss A Fleming, mistress, & is supported by an endowment of £35 yearly. There is a school attendance sub-committee of joint education committee for Chichester & West Sussex of 11 members of the Corporation; the town clerk is secretary to the committee, F.B.Tompkins, assistant secretary; Charles Rees, Westgate, attendance officer.
Central, New Park Road (boys), built in 1887 & enlarged in 1893, for 385 children; average attendance 209; William Henry Bowater, master
Central, Chapel Street (girls), built in 1882, for 350 children; average attendance, 263; Miss Annie Warden, mistress
Central, Northgate (infants), built in 1837, for 157 children; average attendance, about 147; Miss Sarah Fanny Reed, mistress
Central, St Peterís (infants), Tower Street, built in 1870, for 140 children; average 110; Miss Jane Ketteley, mistress
Tower Street (boys), built in 1810, for 277 boys; average attendance 339; George T Apps, master
Little London (girls), built in 1812, for 130; average attendance 130; Miss J Braden, mistress
Portfield (infants), for 170 children, average attendance 104, Miss M Chaloner, mistress
Rumboldswhyke (infants), built in 1883, for 100 children; average attendance, 68; Miss Ida Streeter, mistress
St Pancras (infants), built in 1843, for 120 children; average attendance 90; Mrs Apps, mistress
St Richardís catholic, St Paulís Road, for 70 children; average attendance 63; Miss Leonara Broad, mistress
Bishop Otter Practising School for 200 children; average attendance 149; Miss Ruth Chignell, mistress
St Pancras (girls), accommodation, 100; average attendance, 80; Miss Fleming, mistress

West Sussex Gazette & South of England Advertiser, 13 South Street, W.Victor Cook, representative; published Thursday
Chichester Observer & West Sussex Recorder, 62 South Street; R.J.Acford Ltd. Proprietors; published Wednesday
Conveyance, Summersdale Omnibus Co Ltd from & to Chichester station to Summersdale, several times daily

Railway Station
L.B.&.S.C., Southgate, Alfred Page, station master
Omnibus & flys to & from every train

With the places they go to, inn they call at & days of departure.

Aldingbourne Stenning Fountain Inn, South Street, mon wed fri & sat 2.30pm; Collins, Fleece, East Street, mon wed & sat 3pm
Apuldram Petter, Fountain mon wed fri & sat 4pm
Arundel, through rocker Hill Hawkes, Fountain, Southgate, tues thurs & sat 1pm
Ashling Barkham, White Horse, daily except thurs 2pm
Bersted Hale, Kings Head, South Street, tues thurs & sat 2.30pm
Birdham Petter, Fountain, mon wed fri & sat 4pm
Birdham Trickery Fountain, Southgate, daily at 2.30pm
Bognor Taylor Kings Head, South Street, daily except thurs 2.30pm
Bosham Norris Cross daily at 4pm
Boxgrove Poland Fountain, Southgate, mon wed fri & sat 2.30pm
Charlton Reeves Fountain, Southgate daily 2.30pm
Chilgrove Page White Horse, Northgate, mon wed fri & sat at 4.30pm
Cocking, through Lavant, West Dean & Singleton Lambert, Fountain, Southgate, tues thurs & sat at 2.30pm
Compton & Stoughton Sanderson Fountain, Southgate, mon wed & sat 1.30pm
Cosham Grainger, Eastgate Square, daily except wed 9am
Donnington Fidler Fountain,Southgate, daily, 2.30pm
Eartham Hotson, Foundation, Southgate, wed & sat 2pm
East Ashling Sanderson Fountain, mon wed & sat 1.30pm
East Dean, Reeves, Fountain, South Street, daily through West Dean & Singleton at 2.30pm
Eastergate & Westergate, Stenning, Fountain, mon wed fri & sat 2.30pm
East Marden, Page, White Horse, Northgate, mon wed fri & sat 4.30pm
East Wittering, Jordan, Fountain, Southgate, tues wed fri & sat 2.30pm; Reman, White Horse, South Street, mon wed fri & sat 3pm
Emsworth, through Nutbourne & Southbourne, Lowten, Fountain, Southgate, daily except thurs at 2.30pm
Felpham, J Hale, Kings Head,South Street, tues thurs & sat at 2.30pm
Fishbourne, Norris, The Cross, daily except thurs 4pm
Funtington, through East & West Ashling & Stoke, Barkham, White Horse, South Street, daily except thurs 2pm
Harting & Petersfield, Ewens, Fountain, Southgate, tues thurs & sat 2.30pm
Havant, Lowten, Fountain, Southgate, daily except thurs 2.30pm
Highfield, Hale, Kings Head, South Street, tues thurs & sat 2.30pm
Itchenor, Robinson, Kings Head, South Street, mon wed fri & sat 4pm
Lavant, Reeves, Fountain, Southgate, daily, 2.30pm
Marden (West), Sanderson, Fountain, mon wed & sat 1.30pm
Midhurst, Holden, Fountain, South Street, mon wed & sat 2.30pm
Mundham, Apps, Fountain, Southgate, fri 2.30pm
North Mundham, Hayward, Eastgate Square, mon wed & sat 4pm
Oving & Tangmere, Collins, Fleece, East Street, mon wed & sat 3pm
Pagham, Apps, Fountain, Southgate, mon wed fri & sat 2.30pm
Portsmouth, through Emsworth & Havant, Victoria Van, George & Dragon, North Street, daily 9am except wed returning in the evening
Racton, Sanderson, Fountain, mon wed fri & sat 1.30pm
Runcton, Apps, Fountain, Southgate, mon wed fri & sat 2.30pm
Selsey, through Donnington & Sidlesham, Sherrington, Fountain, Southgate, daily at 2.30pm; Fidley, Fountain, Southgate, daily at 2.30pm
Sidlesham, Fidler, Fountain, Southgate, daily at 2.30pm
Singleton, Reeves, Fountain, Southgate, daily 2.30pm
Slindon, Hotson, Fountain, South Street, wed & sat 2pm
Stoughton, Adams, Fountain, Southgate, fri 1pm
Strettington, Poland, Fountain, mon wed fri & sat 2.30pm
Walburton, Bowley, White Horse, South Street, mon wed & sat 2pm
West Dean, Reeves, Fountain, Southgate, daily, 2.30pm
West Wittering, through Appledram & Birdham, Robinson, Kings Head, mon wed fri & sat 4pm; Petter, Fountain, South Street, mon wed fri & sat 4pm; Trickery, Fountain, Southgate, daily, 2.30pm
Early closing day Thursday 1pm & in Consequence all carriers leave the town earlier on that day.

Private Residents
Adams Frederick John Collins, 14 Lyndhurst Road
Adams Mrs. 12 West St
Amy Phillip Alfred, Patier, The Avenue, Summersdale
Anderson Joseph, 9 Stockbridge Road
Andrews George Frederick, 144 Bognor Road
Angwin Rev. Charles (Wesleyan), 3 Market Avenue
Apedaile Misses, 17 St Johnís Street
Apps George Thomas, 72 Spitalfields Lane
Apps Mrs., 93 Whyke Lane
Archard Frank Reginald, 76 Spitalfields Lane
Austin Miss, 28 North St
Aylwin Mrs. 5 Whyke Lane
Bailey Wilfred, Summersdale House, Summersdale
Baker Miss, 11 Eastgate Square
Baker Miss, 10 St Martins Street
Balfour Mrs. Avening, Avenue Road, Summersdale
Ballard Adolphus, 5 East Pallant
Barber Miss, 43 Westgate
Barford Arthur Morton, 10 West St
Barnes George Mayne, 45 West St
Barnes John William, 7 Clydesdale Avenue
Barrett William Henry St Faithís House, The Close
Bartholomew James Edward, 66 Lyndhurst Road
Bartholomew John Wood, 1 Cawley Road
Bartlett Mrs, 1 Litten Terrace
Barton James, 7 Whyke Road
Batty Rev. Bernard (Primitive Meth.) 4 St Martinís Square
Beaton Daniel, 1 Oving Road, Portfield
Bellamy Capt. Robert, Thorwald, Avenue Road, Summersdale
Bennett Rev. Frederick George B.C.L. (prebendary of Highleigh & master of the Prebendal school) The Prebendal House, 53 West Strret
Bernard Rev. John, Convent of Mount Carmel, Whyke
Bertrand Mrs. Ninfield, The Avenue, Summersdale
Bew James Albert Morris, 37 South Street
Biusted Miss, 12 Whyke Road
Birch William Claremont, Stockbridge Road
Birkett Rev. Frederick John M.A. (rector of All Saints & St Andrewís) Clarefields, Summersdale
Blaker Ernest Henry, 52 North Street
Bockett B. R. 225 Oving Road, Portfield
Boisson Sidney, Meadow Cottage, Birdham Road
Bostock Arthur Hastings, 10 Southgate
Bottrill Robert, Rugby House, Southgate
Bound Miss, 21 Whyke Road
Bowater W. H., 16 New Park Road
Bowers John, 19 Green Lane
Bowker Henry Charles, 18 New Park Road
Boyer Mrs Thornlea, Summersdale Road
Braden Miss, 33 Little London
Bramwell Miss, Blairfield, Whyke
Bray Rev. Edward M.A. (vicar), St Paulís vicarage, St Paulís Road
Breach W. P. Tintern, Stockbridge Road
Bridger Harold, 7 Bognor Road
Broad Mrs, 231 Oving Road, Portfield
Brockway Misses, 46 York Road
Brown Arthur George, Warren Farm, Summersdale
Buckell Ernest H., 12 West Pallant
Budden Mrs A. 50 East Street
Bull Rev. Robert Cook, 12 St Johnís Street
Bulman Miss, Wayside, Summersdale
Burdon Rev. Rowland John M.A. (prebendary of Seaford, vicar of St Peter the Great & examing chaplain), Subdeanery House, West St
Burnett Miss, 29 West Street
Butler Mrs, 45 Oving Road, Portfield
Caffin Edward Elkington, 40 Lyndhurst Road
Caffin Misses, 10 Eastgate Square
Canner Henry 19 New Park Road
Cannon Henry William, 15 Whyke Road
Carline George, Ivybank, Summersdale Road
Catt Herbert, 3 East Row
Challen Mrs, 18 Broyle Road
Charge Charles Frederick, 2 Whyke Lane
Charge Mrs, 13 Cawley Road
Chase Charles Allen, Downcote, Summersdale
Chase Miss, 7 Little London
Chichester Right Rev. Lord Bishop of (Charles John Ridgeway D.D.) The Palace, & Athenaeum club, London S.W.
Chitty Arthur, 6 Lion Street
Chubb George, Carola, Highland Road
Churchman Mrs., 226 Oving Road, Portfield
Cleather Rev. William Sherwin (curate of St Peter the Great), 33 West Street
Clinch Mrs., 123 Oving Road, Portfield
Codrington Rev. Robert Henry D.D. (prebendary of Wittering), St Richardís Walk, The Close
Cogan William P., 5 St Johnís Street
Cole Miss, Graylingwell
Colebrook Charlwood, Beaufort Villa, Stockbridge Road
Cullins Mrs. 8 New Park Road
Combes Edward, 13 New Park Road
Cook W. Victor, 68 Lyndhurst Road
Cooper James William Loader, 44 East Street
Cooper Mrs. 112 St Pancras
Cooper Mrs. 14 South Bank
Cornwall Rev. Albert Phillip (chaplain to St Maryís Hospital), 38 South Street
Cosens Henry, 122 Whyke Road
Coutts Col. George, Kilmore, The Avenue, Summersdale
Cover Charles, Birdham Road
Cowley Mrs., The Elms, Little London
Cox William Edward, Inglenook, Highland Road
Cragg James, 6 Clydesdale Avenue
Cramp Mrs, 11 Bognor Road
Crawley Miss, 2 Vicars Close
Croft Henry, 5 Cawley Road
Crowe Frederick Joseph William (organist of the cathedral) St Peterís House, North Street
Curtis Lionel, 46 Westgate
Cussons George William Jubb, 14 North Pallant
Cutten Henry Richard, 10 Little London
Cutten Mrs., 151 St Pancras
Daniell Miss, The Knapp, Highland Road
Davey Rev. Henry Mahony M.a., F.S.A., F.G.S., J.P. (chancellor of the cathedral & rural dean of Chichester), Cawley Priory, South Pallant
David John Miller, 1 Alexandra Villas, Portfield
Deacon James Albert, 121 Whyke Road
Dean Henry, Downview, Summersdale Road
Dean Mrs., 14 Northgate
Deane Miss, 24 West Street
Deedes Rev. Prebendary Cecil M.A., 32 Little London
Dendy Rev. r. C. Rose Villa, Highland Road
Doman William, 4 Cawley Road
Donne Mrs., Donisthorpe, Portfield House
Donne W. 1 Westhampnett Road
Downey Mrs Richard, Dellside, Summersdale Road
Drew Mrs., The Grange, Tower Street
Duce Charles Herbert, 27 Whyke Road
Dunn John, 49 West Street
Eamos Arthur, 138 Whyke Road
Edney Mrs., 55 Westgate
Edwards Alfred, 14 Whyke Road
Elliott Misses, 19 North Pallant
Elson William George Henry, 18 Westgate
Elwick George, 12 New Park Road
Elwick George Henry, Heatherbank, Stockbridge Road
Evans David Griffiths, 74 Spitalfields Lane
Evelyn Mrs., 4 Clydesdale Avenue
Ewart David, 32 North Street
Fairbairn Sir Arthur Henderson bart., Wrenís House, West Street
Falconer D.H. 12 North Pallant
Farley G.T., 72 Lyndhurst Road,
Farley Percy, 3 Cawley Road
Faro Alfred William, 15 North Pallant
Farr Henry, 148 St Pancras
Ffinch Henry Mortimer, 31 Westgate
Field Miss, 79 St Pancras
Fielder John, The Bungalow, Litten Terrace
Fitzsimmons Henry, %0 Westgate
Fleetwood Leonard Montague, Richmond House, 47 South Street
Flint Alfred John, Birdham Road
Fogden Edward,
16 Stockbridge Road
Ford George Frederick,
Martinís Farm, Graylingwell
Fowler Charles, 12 South Bank
Fowler Miss, St Faithís, The Close
Frampton Rev. Charles Thomas M.A. (prebendary of Bracklsham, Chichester) 2 Orchard St
Fraser Rev. James, (prebendary of Marden), 8 St Martinís Square
Freeland Mrs., 43 North Street
Freeland Mrs. Arthur, Farm Cottage, Summersdale
Freeland William B. B., Oakdene, Summersdale
Fry Joseph, Glenwood, Summersdale Road
Fry Mrs., 24 Whyke Lane
Gaisford Mrs., St Johnís House, New Town
Gale Edward, 111 St Pancras
Gale William, 6 Northgate
Gambling Robert, 4 Chapel Street
Gammon Mrs., 4 Oving Road, Portfield
Gardner Robert Donaldson, Grammar School, North Pallant
Garland S. A., 10 St Johnís Street
Garratt George Campbell B.A., M.D., B.C..Cantab, Chilworth, Summersdale
Gauntlett James Lainson, 55b East Street
Gibbings Capt. Walter Lewis, 44 North Street
Gilbert Misses, Fairview, Lavant Road, Summersdale
Gilbert Mrs., 7 New Park Road
Glover Rev. Ernest A., D.D. (rector of St Rumbold & St George), The Rectory Whyke Road
Glover Mrs., The Treasury, The Close
Gordon-Wright Charles, Shirley, Summersdale
Gosset Misses, 61 North Street
Graves Edward Alfred, 12 St Paulís Road
Graves Ferdinand C. Thomas Villa, Highland Road
Gray James, 39 Broyle Road
Greenfield Mrs., 45 Southgate
Groom Miss S. L., Wayside, Summersdale Road
Habin Henry, 36 The Hornet
Hackett Miss, 9 Caledonian Road
Haines William T., Middlefield, Summersdale
Hall Rev. Richard Sanders (United Methodist), 64 Lyndhurst Road
Hall Frank, 7 St Martinís Street
Halstead H., The Warren, Lavant Road, Summersdale
Halsted Laurence, 10 Stockbridge Road
Halstead Mrs., 40 North Street
Halstead Mrs. W. H., 12 Eastgate Square
Hammond Misses, 10 Bognor Road
Hammond Mrs., 29 Oving Road
Hammond Rev. Edwin M.A. (principal of Otter Memorial College), 37 North Street
Hannah Very Rev. John Julius D.D., V.D. (Dean of Chichester), Deanery; & Philpots, West Hoathly, East Grinsted
Harden Mrs., 20 Caledonian Road
Hardham Frank Edward, 11 St Martinís Street
Hardham James Gates, 11 Newpark Road
Harmsworth Henry, 4 St Paulís Road
Harrington Reginald G., 68 North Street
Harris Harry Wilfred, 40 Westagte
Harrison Ernest Redford, 29 Westgate
Hawes Edward M.A., Pallant House
Hawes Mrs., 55 Lyndhurst Road
Hayden George, 38 Westgate
Hayden William, 3 Little London
Heath Albert Thomas, 19 Lyndhurst Road
Heath Henry, 18 North Pallant
Hemming Willis George, 20 Little London
Henderson Rev. John (rector of St Pancras), 9 St Johnís Street
Henty Miss, 27 West Street
Henty Mrs D., 30 Westgate
Hewett John E., 19 Whyke Road
Higginson Miss, 32 West Street
Hobgen John Herbert, 43 Lyndhurst Road
Hodge Mrs., 29 Caledonian Road
Holden Miss, 10 New Park Road
Holder Edwin, 11 Caledonian Road
Holloway John, Avoca, St Paulís Road
Holt John Ogburn, 4 Westgate
Holt Miss Ellen, 36 Westagte
Holt William George, 44 Westgate
Hopf Misses, 29 Whyke Road
Horder Edward Walter, 52 Lyndhurst Road
Humphrey Henry,50 Whyke Road
Humphrey Phillip Reginald, 23 North Street
Humphrey Reginald,8 St Johnís Street
Hunnybun Ernest Clifford, Cliftonville, The Avenue, Summersdale
Hunt Harry Arthur, Highland Road
Hurst James, Castleton, Summersdale Road
Hutchings Henry, 45 Bognor Road
Ingram Henry Charles, 13 South Bank
Inkson Misses, 48 Lyndhurst Road
Inkson William, 50 Lyndhurst Road
Isaacs Mrs, 8 Bognor Road
Jackling Henry, 4 Whyke Rd
Jacobs Ernest Howard, 1 Newbury, Highland Rd
James Aubrey Howard, 17 New Park Rd
Jarman Thomas, 23 Cleveland Rd
Jee Richard Henry, Goodwood View, Highland Rd
Johnson Alfred William, 38 Caledonian Rd
Johnson Miss, 20 Whyke Rd
Jones Miss Sturgess, Milton Cottage, Highland Rd
Jones Mrs Percy, 14 New Park Rd
Kearvill Frederick, 3 Green Lane
Keay Colin, 47 South St
Keeler Stephen, Josling Villa, South Bank
Kerwood Alfred J., 7 St Johnís St
Kerwood William, 48 North St
Ketteley Miss, 9 Westgate
Kidd Harold A., Graylingwell
Kimbell David, 35 Adelaide Rd
Kimbell Harry, 13 Northgate
Kimbell Thomas Pain, 63 Lyndhurst Rd
King Edward, 7 Westgate
King Henry, 8 Caledonian Rd
King William Lane, 20 Green Lane
Kinloch Capt. Thomas, 9 New Park Road
Kirkaldy William B., M.D., West Suusex Infirmary, Broyle Rd
Kirtlan Rev. John (Wesleyan), 64 Arundel Rd, Littlehampton
Lasseter Misses, 36 Oving Rd
Latter Miss, 34 Lyndhurst Rd
Lawrence Miss, 27 Oving Rd
Leahy Mrs. Arthur, 3 Vicars Close
Lee Daniel, Southside, Stockbridge Rd
Lees Rev. Frank Rowland M.A. (priest vicar of Chichester Cathedral & rector, of St Olaveís & St Martinís) Vicars Close
Lees George F., Whyke House
Leng John, 11 St Johnís St
Leng Miss, 1 Broyle Rd
Lennox Lady, East Pallant House
Lennox Claud Henry Maitland, East Pallant House
Lewis Miss, 26 Whyke Lane
Leys Miss, 17 Westgate
Light William, 65 Lyndhurst Rd
Ling Robert, 39 Whyke Rd
Little Mrs., 12 Cawley Rd
Loe Miss, Iscah Lodge, Stockbridge Rd
Long Mrs., Southfields, Stirling Rd
Lopresti Rev. E. (curate of All Saints & St Andrewís), 7 North Pallant
Luck Henry Edward Barossa, St Paulís Rd
Lumsden Col. H. R. W. Summersdale Lodge
McCarogher Miss, 11 West Pallant
Mackeson Peyton Temple, Whyke Lane
McMullin Col. John, Cranmere, Summersdale
McQueen Mrs, 33 Westgate
Maltby Gerald E. Highwick, Avenue Rd, Summersdale
Mant Thomas, 2 Cawley Rd
Marchant Rev. Alfred Joseph (Unitarian) 17 North Pallant
Masters Rev. James Hoare M.A. (prebendary & canon residentiary of Chichester) Canon Lane
Martin Edwin Henry, 13 Bognor Rd
Matthews George, 21 West St
Maxwell Edward, 59 North St
Mayne Edmund Taylor, 46 Southgate
Merriman Miss, 50 West St
Mieville Mortimer Frederick, The Avenue, Summersdale
Miles George, 24 Lyndhurst Rd
Miles Mrs., 15 Bognor Rd
Miller Rev. Edmund James (catholic) 1 Market Avenue
Miller Hubert King, 18 Whyke Rd
Miller Mrs., 3 Whyke Lane
Millington Henry, Sunnycroft, Stockbridge Rd
Millyard Alfred, 14 St Martinís St
Moir Alexander, 228 Oving Rd
Monk Mrs., 53 Lyndhurst Rd
Moore Egbert, 69 North St
Moore Frederick, The Ferns, Highland Rd
Moore Henry Holding, 11 Southgate
Moore Leonard, 16 Westgate
Morgan Harry, Edenvale, Summersdale Rd
Morris Stanley, Banscombe, Summersdale Rd
Muggridge Misses, 43 Southgate
Murray Bernard Croft, Ellerslie, St Paulís Rd
Neal Albert Frederick, The Lodge, Graylingwell
Neville Alexander, 3 St Paulís Rd
Newland Charles F. Newcroft, Summersdale
Newman James Robert, North Lodge, Graylingwell
Newman Thomas, 4 Whyke Lane
Nicoletts Rev. John M.A. (rector for Merston), 48 West St
North Mrs., 1 Laburnum Villas, South Bank
Norton Charles Wood, 9 Bognor Rd
Oakshott Miss, 4 East Pallant
Opie Wilfred Maxwell, 14 St Johnís St
Paige William John, 54 South St
Palmer Capt. N. C., R.N. Barnwhyke, Whyke Rd
Palmer Miss, Farm Cottage, Whyke Rd
Parker Arthur, 1 Clydesdale Avenue
Parker Mrs., 1 New-Town
Parrington Rev. John Walter M.A. (vicar), St Bartholomewís vicarage, Westgate
Parsons Charles Henry, 133 Bognor Rd
Parson Mrs, 12 South Pallant
Passmore Frederick S. S. Darlton, The Avenue, Summersdale
Paxton Francis Valentine M.A., M.B., 5 South Palant
Payne Mrs., 16 Green Lane
Payne Mrs., 30 Lyndhurst Rd
Peachell George Ernest M.B.,Graylingwell
Peacock William Arthur, Graylingwell Farm House
Pearce Arthur Howard Ashton, 1 The Poplars, Summersdale Rd
Peile Mrs., 2 North Walls
Pennicott Frederick, 1 Green Lane
Petter Arthur Henry, Cottlands Villa, Highland Rd
Phillips Henry, 33 Oving Rd
Pinniger Mrs., Hopedene, Birdham Rd
Pitts Frederick, Sunnyside, 44 Southgate
Platt Misses, 44 South St
Pope Edwin William, 4 Terminus Rd
Pope William Henry, Amberleigh, Summersdale Rd
Powell Mrs., 230 Oving Rd
Pratt George, 10 Whyke Rd
Pratt Misses, 13 St Martinís St
Price-Evans Lionel, Abercoed, Terminus Rd
Prior Edward S., 12 Westgate
Prior Mrs. R .H. 69 Lyndhurst Rd
Prior Richard Henry, 44 Lyndhurst Rd
Pritchard Trevor John, 15 Northgate
Purchase Arthur, 66 North Street
Purchase Mrs., Stockbridge, Birdham Rd
Puttick John, Lundhurst Rd
Pye Thomas E. S. Stockbridge Rd
Rands William Herbert, Ettrick Rd
Read Frederick John, Mus.Doc. The Cloisters
Redford John, Bisley Cottage, South Bank
Reford Richard, 14 Southgate
Rees Charles, Raysholme, Westgate
Rendle Arthur Russell, 5 North Pallant
Reynolds Mrs., 2 Green Lane
Richardson Miss, 44a Caledonian Rd
Ricjard Rev. Herbert M.a. (prebendary of Eartham, rector of St Peter the Less & principal of Theological College), 1 North Walls
Ridgeway Rt. Rev. Charles John D.D., The Palace
Ringer Clarence Thomas, 12 Bognor Rd
Roe Mrs., 30 Cleveland Rd
Rosling Peregrine, Highland Rd
Rowling Mrs., 41 Caledonian Rd
Rudwick Misses, 6 East Pallant
Russell John, Dale View, The Avenue, Summersdale
Sadler Henry Goldbourne, Summersdale
Sadler Mrs., 159 Oving Rd, Portfield
St. Clair John, 2 East Pallant
Salter Frank Ernest, The Laurels, Melbourne Rd
Sargent Mrs, 2 St Martinís St
Saunders Frederick George, 1 Rosendell, Highland Rd
Sayers Clement, 20 St Martinís Sq
Sayers James, 10 South Pallant
Sayers Percy, 3 Whyke Rd
Sayers Walter H., 45 Caledonian Rd
Seaber Charles, 25 Whyke Lane
Shepherd Mrs. L., 46 West St
Shippam Alfred Ernest, 7 Cawley Rd
Shippam Charles, 4 North Pallant
Shippam Frank, 4 St Johnís St
Shippam George Percival, 5 West Pallant
Shippam Mrs., 6 North Pallant
Shippam Walter, 2 St Martinís Sq
Simmonds Frank H., 67 Lyndhurst Rd
Simpson Mrs., The Hollies, Grove Rd
Skaife Frederick, 57 North St
Skinner Ralph, 15 New Park Rd
Slaney Henry, Lyncon, St Paulís Rd
Smith Miss, 6 Bognor Rd
Smurthwaite Benjamin Sylvester, 16 St Johnís St
Smurthwaite Israel, 38 North St
Spells Herbert Edwin, 2 The Poplars, Summersdale Rd
Spink Miss, 8 St Martinís St
Stallard Mrs, 30 West St
Steedon Charles Robert, 73 East St
Steinitz Rev. Charles Edward M.A. (incumbent of St Johnís) 20 St Johnís St
Stewart Reginald B., Hillside, Summersdale Rd
Stokes Miss, 16 Whyke Rd
Stone Charles J., 229 Oving Rd, Portfield
Stone Leonard H., 84 Bognor Rd
Stoneadge Mrs, 42 Westgate
Street Eugene Edward F.S.A. St Martinís House
Streeter Misses, 7 Lyndhurst Rd
Stride Charles, Summersdale
Stuart Francis Arthur Knox, Graylingwell
Swann Alexander, 146 Bognor Rd
Swansborough Mrs., 31 Little London
Swindells Ernest, Kingsdown Villa, Stockbridge Rd
Sykes Alfred, 13 Whyke Rd
Tanner Mrs., Chesleigh, Birdham Rd
Teesdale Mrs., 6 Westgate
TenthoreyMrs., 47 Broyle Rd
Teulon Mrs, 1 Guildhall St
Thompson Ernest H., 8 Whyke Rd
Thomson Mrs. Ringler, 27 The Hornet
Timberlake Mrs., 22 South Bank
Timson Rev. March (Congregational), 25 West St
Tipper George A. 15 Lyndhurst Rd
Topmkins Francis Blagden, 45 East St
Toogood Alfred, 30 Oving Rd
Trim Ernest, 38 Broyle Rd
Turnbull George Michael, Lyndhurst Lodge, Lyndhurst Rd
Turner Mrs., 6 Cawley Rd
Tyacke Geroge A., 3 Westgate
Tyacke Miss, 53 North St
Tyacke Miss M., 23 West St
Upson Misses, 37 Caledonian Rd
Vick Frederick Mant, 47 Southgate
Vick Victor Valentine, Ettrick Rd
Vinall Thomas Howard, 15 Westgate
Von Glehn Rev. Henry (curate of St Paulís), 41 North St
Waddington John, Wortley, Stockbridge Rd
Walker John, 30 East St
Walker Mrs Russell, St Richardís Walk, The Close
Wallace Edward, 5 East St
Wannop Edward Booth, Hallgarth, Summersdale
Warner Charles William, Brooklyn, Summersdale Rd
Webb Mrs Percival, 46 East St
Weldon Capt. F. H. Herondean, Summersdale
West Albert, 2 Chatteris Villa, South Bank
Whalley Rev. James Park M.A. The Chantry, Canon Lane
White Mrs., 6 Whyke Lane
Whiting Richard George, Harrow Glyn, Stockbridge Rd
Whitting Sidney L., 77 Spitalfields Lane
Whybrow Arthur, 2 The Glen, Highland Rd
Wicks Frederick, 134 Bognor Rd
Wild Edwin P. 14 Westgate
Wild Mrs. J. M. 3 Orchard St
WilkinsonMiss, West view, Summersdale
Willis Thomas Gordon, 1 St Martinís Sq
Willmer John Henry, 5 Bognor Rd
Windebank Stephen, Abbotsford, Summersdale Rd
Woodman Miss, 3 York Rd
Woods Frank, 7 Stockbridge Rd
Woodward Alfred, 34 Oving Rd
Wright Harry, Ferncliffe, Summersdale Rd
Wright Henry Smith, Oaklands Park
Wright Miss, Langley, Summersdale Rd
Wrightson Francis, 2 Alexandra Villas, Portfield
Wyatt Herbert Guy Buckell, Elmhurst Highland Road
Wyatt Oliver Newman, 10 West Pallant
Yeatman Frederick James, 2 Newbury, Highland Rd
Youde W. G. Roslin, St Paulís Rd
Young Sidney Phillip, 6 Whyke Rd
Younghusband Mrs., 60 North St

Early closing day, Thursday 2pm
Adcock Thomas Schwartz, printer, stationer & motor & cycle agent, 18 North St & motor garage, Corn Exchange
Aldred Ellen (Mrs), dress maker, 23 Bognor rd
Alexander James William, jobbing gardener, 11 Litten Terrace
Allberry Charles William, shopkeeper, 53 Oving Rd
Allen Charles, boot maker, 21 Southgate
Allen Charles Cosens, watchmaker, 59 South St
Allen Edward, shoemaker, 7 Chapel St
Allen Herbert James, florist, 222 Oving Rd
Allen John Robert, bath chair proprietor, 7 Northgate
Amey Fred, carrier & coal dealer, 72 Oving Rd
Ancell George Charles, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 1 Tower St
Andrews Alfred, cycle dealer & sports depot, 14 North St
Andrews Thomas Samuel, Plough & Harrow P.H., 145 St Pancras
Angel Emma Matilda (Miss), registrar of births & deaths, 36 North St
Angel Frank, professor of music, 36 North St
Annis Cecil William, surveyor & inspector of nuisances, Westhampnett Rural District Council, Terminus Rd
Anscombe Charlotte (Mrs), laundress, 204 Oving Rd
Apps Jane & Mary Ann (Misses), umbrella makers, 87 North St
Archibald John Ward, cycle agent, The Hornet
Argus (The) (branch) (Southern Publishing Co. Ltd. Proprietors), 35 Southgate
Arnold Cooper & Tompkins, solicitors, 42 & 43 East St; & Arundel, Bognor, Havant & Emsworth
Arthur Stephen, nurseryman, 14 Victoria Rd, Portfield
Artlett Harriet & Catherine (Misses), fancy repository, 19a South St
Assembly Rooms (William Alfred Beatson, custodian), North St
Atkey Thomas, boot maker, Market Rd
Ayling Richard, general dealer, 5 College Lane
Aylmore & Co. grocers, 36 East St
Aylmore Alfred, hairdresser, 48 Westgate
Aylmore Herbert Samuel, deputy registrar of marriages, 42 East St
Baber Annie (Mrs), confectioner, 72 North St
Baggarley Joseph, beer retailer & dining rooms, 75 North St
Bailey Firth & Sons, tailors, 17 North St
Baker & Son, chemists, 15 Eastgate Square
Baker Dennis W., photographer, 8 Cleveland Rd
Baker Herbert Thomas, beer retailer, 4 Broyle Rd
Baker James William, antique dealer, 2 Guildhall St
Baker Samuel, dentist, 15 Eastgate Square
Ballard E. R. (Mrs), butcher, 4 East St
Barber Frederick M., fishmonger & poulterer, 19 South St
Barclay & Co. Ltd., bankers (Gerald Edward Maltby, local director; C. R. Steedon, manager) (branch) 73 & 74 East St; draw on head office, 54 Lombard St, London E.C.
Barford Arthur Morton M.D., D.P.H., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., physician & surgeon, physician to West Sussex & Chichester Infirmary & surgeon to Troat Nose & Ear Dept. Portsmouth & S. Hants Eye & Ear Infirmary, 10 West St
Barnes Charles, poulterer, 2 Eastgate Square
Barnes Frederick, shopkeeper, 77 Victoria Rd, Portfield
Barnes George (Mrs), apartments, 4 Cleveland Rd
Barnes John William, deputy supt. Registrar, 7 Clydsdale Avenue
Barnes K (Miss), dressmaker, 17 Cleveland Rd
Barnes Matthew, carter, 22 Victoria Rd, Portfield
Barrett William Henry, bookseller & stationer, artistís colorman, fancy leather goods dealer & subscription & circulating libraries, 1 South St
Bartholomew John Woods, corn dealer, 12 North St
Bartlett George, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, see Sowton, Bartlett & Blaker
Bartlett Howard J., solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 79 East St & North Pallant
Basford Samuel, shopkeeper, 80 Grove Rd
Bassett John, carpenter, 35 Little London & 24 Orchard Place
Bastow Sidney, pharmaceutical chemist & proprietor of Thorpís Balsamic cough mixture & liver pills, 9 North St
Batchelor Richard, watchmaker, 4 North St
Beale & Hooper, milliners, 298 South St
Beaton Fred (Mrs), laundry, 70 Oving Rd
Barson William Alfred, custodian of the Assembly Rooms & Council House, North St
Benham Annie (Mrs), dressmaker, 7 East Pallant
Bennett B & W, monumental mason, 7 Southgate
Bens Gas Co. Ltd., Corn Exchange Buildings
Bettsworth Alfred, coach builder, 8 East Pallant
Bevans George, dining rooms, 53 East St
Bew James Albert Morris, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 3 & 4 West Pallant
Biffin Charles, greengrocer, 54 East St
Biggs William Edwards, greengrocer, 52 High St
Bishop Brothers, boot & shoemakers, 69 South St
Bishop Henry Morey, outfitters, 26 East St
Bishopís Registry (W.B.B.Freeland, sec.; F.J.Ford, chief clerk), 56 West St
Blaker Ernest Henry, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, registrar of county court & high bailiff & clerk to the visiting committee of the West Sussex County Lunatic Asylum, see Sowton, Bartlett & Blaker
Blandford Charles, Bell P.H., 3 Broyle Rd
Blyth William, grocer & post office, 27 Whyke Lane
Boiling Charles, coal dealer, 8 Orchard St
Booker Louisa (Mrs), beer retailer, 15 Chapel St
Bostock Arthur Hastings M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator, Boxgrove & Oving districts, Westhampnett Union, 10 Southgate
Bottrill Robert, coal merchant, 8 Southgate & Railway Station yard
Bowers J & Co. house furninshers, 6 North St
Bowles William Charles, Wheatsheaf P.H. 80 North St
Boxall & Marshall, laundry, 21 & 22 Westhampnett Rd
Braden Laura Winifred (Miss), typewriter, 33 Little London
Brazier Alice Jessie (Mrs), fried fish shop, 3 Eastgate Square
Breach Wilfred P. high class wine & spirit merchant, 79 East St; price lists on application
Briant Emma (Mrs), laundress, 25 Orchard Terrace
Bridgen Harold, watch maker, 33 North St
Bridle Arthur, decorator, Highland Rd
Bridle William Charles, boot maker, 33 East St
Brighton & South Coast Aerated Bread Co. Ltd. (Miss Soden, manageress), 78 East St
Bristow Allen, shopkeeper, 123 St Pancras
Broardbridge Annie (Miss), dressmaker, The Depot, East Row
Brockway William, fruit grower, 24 Whyke Rd
Broomfield William George, fruit grower, 85 Bognor Rd
Brown Arthur George, farmer, Warren Farm, Summersdale
Buckell Ernest Hook L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator to parish of Chichester & senior physician to West Sussex & Chichester Infirmary, 12 West Pallant
Budden Frederick Thomas, house decorator, 51 West St
Budden James John, highway surveyor to Westhampnett Rural District Council, 4 St Pancras
Butler Richard, greengrocer, 31 Adelaide Rd
Butler William, commission agent, 7 Priory Rd
Byerley & Co. fishmongers, 22 & 23 East St
Cadby Francis William, market gardener, Grove Gardens, Whyke
Caffin, Son & Co. corn merchants, 35 Southgate
Caiger F. W. (Mrs), apartments, 3 New Town, St Johnís St
Canner Henry, baker, 15 & 16 George St
Capital & Counties Bank Ltd. (branch) (John Walker, manager), 30 East St; draw on head office, 39 Threadneedle St, London EC
Carpenter William, fried fish dealer, 50 North St
Carpentersí & Bricklayersí Society (W.Melmoth, sec.), White Horse Inn, Northgate
Carrier George, boot maker, St Martinís Square
Carver Charles, beer retailer, 13 West Pallant
Carver George, wardrobe dealer, 129 St Pancras
Carver Harry, cab proprietor, 13 West Pallant
Carver William, boot maker, 44 Green Lane
Castle Frederick James, Waggon & Lamb P.H. 37 Westgate
Cathedral Oratorio Society (Rev. Preb. R. J. Burdon sec.; F. J. W. Crowe, conductor), 54 West St
Catt G Herbert, art master of Chichester Technical School of Art, North St
Cattle Market (W. Hopkins, supt.)
Cawte Charlotte (Mrs), apartments, 8 St Pancras
Central Boot Co. boot makers (E.W.Scruse, manager), 11 East St
Charge & Co. linen drapers, silk mercers, milliners, hosiers, haberdashers & mourning warehousemen, 74 & 75 South St. Telephone 0152
Chase Charles Valentine, Coach & Horses P.H. 125c St Pancras
Chevis Herbert, grocer, 150 St Pancras
Chichester Cemetery (J.W.L.Cooper, clerk to the burial board; Edward William Mew, registrar & supt.), Oving Rd, Portfield
Chichester Coal Club (Rev. A.P.Cornwall, hon. sec.), Tower St
Chichester Coal Co. (Michael Woolgar, proprietor), coal & coke merchants, 18 Southgate & 40 The Hornet
Chichester Corn Exchange Ltd. (W.B.B.Freeland, sec.); registered office 55 West St
Chichester Corporation Water Works (Frank J. Lobley A.M.I.C.E. city surveyor & water engineer), 7 Lion St
Chichester & District Bill Posting Co. Ltd. 32 Southgate
Chichester Electric Light & Power Co. Ltd. 85 East St
Chichester Fire Brigade (J.J.Budden, capt.), Eastgate
Chichester Grammar School (Robert Donaldson Gardner, head master), North Pallant
Chichester Gymnastic & Athletic Club (C.R.Steedon, hon. sec.), South St
Chichester Institute (Harry Gordon States, sec; Eugene Edward Street F.S.A., J.P. hon. librarian), 45 South St
Chichester Library Society (Harry Gordon States, sec. & librarian), 21 East St
Chichester Musical Society (F.B.Tompkins, sec; conductor, Dr Frederick J. Read, Mus.Doc. Oxon.), 45 East St
Chichester Observer & West Sussex Recorder (R.J.Acford Ltd. Proprietors & publishers; published Wednesday), 62 South St; & at Bognor
Chichester Orchestral Society (H.Parrington, sec; F.J.W.Crowe, conductor), Westgate
Chichester & South-West Liberal Association (Albert M. Green sec.), Crane St
Chichester Steam Laundry Co. Ltd. (Thomas Clark sec.), 18 South St & Bognor Rd
Chichester Technical Institute (J.W.L.Cooper esq. hon. sec; F.B.Tompkins esq. assist. Sec.), North St
Chichester Unionist Association (W.Dodge James esq. J.P. president; Arthur James Marshall & James G. H. Wallace, hon, secs.), 80 East St
Chitty Arthur, butcher & farmer, 18 East St
Chitty Frederick, mineral water manufr. 30 & 31 South St
Chives George, tobacconist, & post office, 56a East St
Chubb George Algernon, tobacconist, 17 East St
City of Chichester Gas Co. (Thomas Ebenezer Pye F.C.S., A.M.I.Mech.E. engineer & manager; Victor V. Vick, sec.), makers of sulphate of ammonia; office, Stockbridge Rd, show rooms, 88 North St
City Club (P.T.Mackeson, president; G.W.Bushby, hon. sec.; G. Pay, steward), 13 North Pallant
Clark Frank, baker, 41 West St & cabinet maker, Crane St
Clark Henry, plumber & painter, 41 South St
Clark Thomas, accountant, 18 South St
Clarke Malcolm, boot maker, 38 Market Avenue
Clarke Martha J. (Mrs), Good Intent P.H. George St
Clements Joseph, Angel Inn, St Paulís Rd
Clinch Charles, undertaker, 16 Bognor Rd
Cogan William Parker, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, clerk to the guardians & assessment committee of Westhampnett union, to Westhampnett Rural District Council, & supt.. registrar of Westhampnett District, 5 South St
Cole Jesse, pork butcher, 22 Southgate
Cole Thomas William, pianoforte warehouse, 16 Southgate
Cole William, pork butcher, 27 Orchard Terrace
Collins Caroline (Mrs) baker, 55 East St
Collins Charles William, butcher, 45 The Hornet
Collins Frank, wagonette proprietor, 92 Bognor Rd
Collins Gut, hair dresser, 215 Oving Rd
Constable G. S. & Sons Ltd., wine merchants, 24 St Pancras & 92 East St
Convent of the Holy Family, academy for ladies (Sister Emile, lady superior), North Pallant
Convent of Mount Carmel (Mrs Theresa Bulbec, prioress; Re. JohnBerard, resident chaplain) Whyke
Cook W. Victor, local representative West Sussex Gazette, 13 South St
Coombes Albert George, tailor, 41 East St
Cooper Arthur, hair dresser, The Hornet
Cooper James William Loader (firm, Arnold, Cooper & Tompkins), solicitor, perpetual commissioner, commissioner of oaths, town clerk & clerk to the burial board, coroner for the Western division of Sussex & clerk to the Westbourne board of guardians, assessment committee & rural district council & superintendent registrar, correspondent for Westbourne & Bosham school managers, 42 & 43 East St; & at Arundel, Bognor, Emsworth & Havant
Cooper Thomas, Barley Mow P.H. Oving Rd, Portfield
Cooper William Knight, carpenter, 219 Oving Rd
Corn Exchange (John William Jacobs, clerk), East St
Cory Frank, farmer, Stockbridge House
Cossey James Davis, chemist, 77 North St
Council House (William Alfred Beatson, custodian), North St
County Court (His Honor James Scully, judge; Ernest Henry Blaker, registrar & high bailiff), North St; office, 9 West Pallant
County Police (Horace Ellis, supt.), 49 Southgate
Cover David, timber merchant, Canal Wharf
Cox William Edward, surveyor of taxes, 93 East St
Cripps Richard, boot maker, 10 Victoria Rd, Portfield
Critchell & Co., boot makers, 62 East St
Crouch V. & E. (Misses), art needlework repository, 58 South St
Crowther & Son, boot makers, 46 North St
Curtis Lionel, dentist, 46 Westgate
Cussons George William Jubb, rate collector, deputy registrar of births & deaths & assistant overseer, 7 Lion St
Dart Frederick, electrical engineer, see OíConnor, Darts & Co.
Davis Henry, shopkeeper 3, & furniture dealer 4, St Jamesís Rd, Portfield
Dawtrey Richard W., M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, 52 East St
Deighton John, Castle P.H., 38 West St
Denyer Henry, draper, 84 North St
Dewdney Edwin, Roundabout House P.H., Whyke Rd
Dilliaway George, Market Tavern, 16 Eastgate Square
Direct Colonial Meat Supply Co. butchers, 67 East St
Dolphin Family & Commercial Hotel & Posting House, head quarters of the Royal Automobile Club of G.B. & I. & the Sussex County Automobile Club, West St. Telephone 189
Dolphin Hotel Chichester Ltd, wine & spirit merchants, coal merchants & posting house; agents by appointment to L. B. & S. C. Railway Co. for supplying carriages at the railway station & for delivery of parcels, West St. Telephone 189
Doman & Son, linen drapers, 24 North St & 76 East St
Domestic Bazaar Co. Ltd., 3 South St
Drury George, Kingís Head P.H. 51 South St
Duffin Frederick, insurance agent, 8 Oving Rd
Duncan Jane (Mrs), apartments, 13 West Pallant
Dunlop Color-Sergt. John, drill instructor to G. Co. 4th Territorial Force Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, 29North St
Dunn & Son, linen drapers, 72 & 73 South St
Dunnaway Emery, cab proprietor, 191 Oving Rd
Dunnaway George, George & Dragon P.H. 51 North St
Eames George, stationer & post office, 35 North St
Earwaker John (Mrs), laundry, 70 Spitalfields Lane
Eastmans Ltd., butchers, 13 North St
Ede George James, confectioner, 6 Caledonian Rd
Edney Samuel, house furnisher, 57 East St
Edom James W., apartments, 6 Lyndhurst Rd
Edwards Henry & Son, blacksmiths, 12 Northgate
Edwards Mary Ann (Mrs), confectioner, 80 Oving Rd
Edwards William, Chequers P.H. 203 Oving Rd
Ellidge John Wesley, chemist & dentist, 89 East St
Elliott Frank, lamp oil dealer, 9 Lyndhurst Rd
Elliott William H. Victoria P.H. 25 St Pancras
Ellis M. & Son, brewers (branch), 38b The Hornet & at Walberton
Ellis Horace, superintendent of police, inspector of weights & measures & cattle inspector under the Animal Contagious Diseases Act, 49 Southgate
Emery Frederick, dairyman, 47 George St
Enticknap James & Son, chimney sweepers, 127 St Pancras
Epps George, watch maker, 40 West St
Evans Albert, assistant supt. Pearl Life Assurance Co. Ltd., 31 Adelaide Rd
Evans Herert Edward, Fountain P.H., 29 Southgate
Every Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 19 George St
Ewart David M.D., Ch.B.Edin. Physician & surgeon, & hon. surgeon & oculist for Chichester Infirmary, 32 North St
Eyles Osborne, dairyman, 36 Grove Rd
Faith Alfred John (Mrs), watchmaker, 34 & 35 East St
Falconer David, boot maker, 26 St Paulís Rd
Faller Matthew, watchmaker, 25 Southgate
Farley George Thomas & Son, churn manufacturers, 16 Oving Rd, Portfield
Farr Henry, general carrier, 15 St Pancras
Faulkner Ephriam John (exors. Of), fancy repository, 32 East St
Field Thomas & Sons, horse dealers, 82 St Pancras
Field Thomas, job master & horse dealer, Whyke Rd
Fielden Elizabeth (Mrs), dressmaker, 15South St
Fielden Samuel, vocalist, 17 Lyndhurst Rd
Fielder & Son, stationers, 25 East St
Fielder William, wheelwright, Orchard Terrace
Fields, job & riding masters (Henry Croft, manager), City Mews, Southgate
Fitzsimmons Henry, supervisor of customs & excise, 93 East St
Fleetwood Leonard M., L.D.S.Eng. dental surgeon, Richmond House, 47 South St. Tele 141
Fletcher W. & R. Ltd., colonial butchers (branch), 77 East St
Fletcher Alfred, tobacconist, 72 East St
Fletcher John, hawker, 91 Victoria Rd
Fletcher Wilfred, boot maker, 7 St Pancras
Fogden Edward & George H., corn merchants, 30 Southgate
Follett Frederick, boot maker, West Pallant
Follett William, grocer, 7 Broyle Rd
Ford Frederick James, deputy registrar of marriages, Westhampnett Union, 5 Westgate
Ford Thomas William, harness maker, 23 Southgate
Foresters (Ancient Order of) Court Constantis No.2206 (J.W.Moore, sec.), Unicorn P.H. Eastgate Square
Foresters (Ancient Order of), Court Prince of Wales No.4879 (David Shephard, sec.), Fleece Inn, East St
Fraser & White, coal merchants, 36 East St
Freeland William Bennett Barton (firm, Raper, Freeland & Tyacke), solicitor, notary public, commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, secretary to the Lord Bishop of Chichester, registrar of the diocese & archdeaconry of Chichester & Lewes, clerk to the dean & chapter, district registrar of Probate Court, clerk to the county magistrates, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for the Upper Chichester division, clerk to the commissioners of sewers for Western Sussex & Steward of St Maryís Hospital, 55 West St
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd. Boot makers, 24 East St
French Frederick John, grocer, 42 West St
Gale Pamela Jane (Mrs), shopkeeper, 103 St Pancras
Gale William, tailor, see Rawlings & Gale
Gambling Frances Alice (Mrs), fancy repos. 3 North St
Gambling Robert, saddler, 22 South St
Game Charles John, baker, 12 Broyle Rd
Gardiner William Henry, cycle agent, 68 East St
Garland Sharp, grocer, 1 Eastgate Square
Garment Edward, district supt. London & Manchester Industrial Assurance Co. Ltd. 48 Green Lane
Garratt George Campbell B.A., M.D., B.C.Cantab., physician & surgeon, Chilworth, Summersdale
Geering George Albert, draper, 78 North St
George Henry, naturalist, 39 West St
Gibbings, Harrison & Co. Ltd. Tanners & leather merchants, Westgate
Gillmore George, Park Tavern, 11 Priory Rd
Goff Jesse, dairyman, 82 Cleveland Rd
Goldie Louisa (Miss), beer retailer, 145 Broyle Rd
Golf Club (Frederick Stride hon. sec.), Summersdale
Good Intent Friendly Society (George Mant sec.), Fleece Inn, East St
Goodacre R. W. resident in charge, West Sussex Gazette, 13 South St
Goodger William, jun. butcher, 2 West St
Gordon Charles Stewart, police court missionary for West Sussex, 145 Whyke Rd
Grainger Arthur James, plumber, 1 Franklin Place
Grainger Louisa (Miss), apartments, 6 Orchard St
Gray Annie Ellen (Mrs), dressmaker, 8 West Pallant
Gray Henry Alexander, coach builder, 12 Northgate
Green Albert Mark, grocer, 3 Melbourne Rd
Green J. (Mrs), dressmaker, 26 Whyke Rd
Grieshaber Albert, bazaar, 70 East St
Griffith Francis, chemist & druggist, 11 South St
Griffiths Mary Ann (Mrs), apartments, 35 Southgate
Grinyer Betchley (Mrs), confectioner, 3 Guildhall St
Grist John, job master, 3 The Hornet
Gumbrell David, hawker, 39 York Rd
Gumbrell Eliza (Miss), apartments, Canon Lane
Guscott John, beer retailer, 22 Cavendish St
Habin Edward Thomas (exors. Of) saddlers & coach builders, 34 The Hornet
Hackett Ann (Mrs), greengrocer, 12 High St
Haines William Turgis, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, clerk to the peace for the city & treasurer for West Sussex, 11 West St
Hall & Co. (Croyden) Ltd., gravel merchants & c.; depot
Hall Florence (Madame), milliner, 68 South St
Hall Frank, grocer & c. see Harris & Hall
Halstead & Sons, ironmongers, 81 & 82 East St & East Pallant
Hammond Kate (Miss), costumier, 86 North St
Hammond Lizzie (Miss), apartments, 2 Nursery Cottages, St Paulís Rd
Hammond Martha (Miss), apartments, 11 North Pallant
Hammore Edward, chimney sweeper, 18 Chapel St
Hammore Edward George, chimney sweeper, 18 St Pancras
Hammore Frederick, chimney sweeper, 11 St Pancras
Hanson William (Mrs), upholstress, 13 Franklin Place
Harding Alfred (Mrs), greengrocer, 2 Broyle Rd
Harding Florence (Miss), dressmaker, 81 St Pancras
Hamsworth John Wesley, upholsterer, 31 The Hornet
Harnett Charles, cycle dealer, 26 North St
Harrington Reginald G., L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. dentist, 68 North St
Harris & Hall, family grocers, 2 & 3 East St
Harris George, boot maker, 54 North St
Harris George, cowkeeper, Mill House, Old Broyle
Harris George (Mrs), servantsí registry office, 54 North St
Harris James Peat, tailor, 25 South St
Harris Richard, boot maker, 46 The Hornet
Hawes Marian A. (Miss), ladiesí outfitter, 57 East St
Hawkins Ernest, boot maker, 6 Broyle Rd
Head John, fruit grower, Ophir, Stockbridge Rd & Terminus Rd
Heaps Robert, teacher of music, 3 Clydesdale Avenue
Hearts of Oak Benefit Society (G. T. Fraley, sec.), 72 Lyndhurst Rd
Heather Agnes (Mrs), stationer, 16 North St
Heather Charles Anthony, fruitier, 86 East St
Heaver John, gravel merchant, Oving Rd
Heaver John W. dairyman, 17 Southgate & 91 East St
Heaver Walter Leslie, nurseryman, Terminus Rd
Hennell Frank Gordon, fruit grower, Birdham Rd
Hennings Thomas, boot maker, 54 Westgate
Henshaw Frank, carpenter, 11 Florence Rd, Portfield
Henty George & Sons Ltd., brewers & spirits merchants, Westgate Brewery, Westgate; stores, South St
Herring James David, Star & Garter P.H. 89 St Pancras
Herring Violet (Mrs), Bedford Temperance Hotel, 37 Southgate
Hewitt John (Mrs), dairy, 43 West St
Hewitt Tom, Ship Inn, 10 Tower St
Hewson Henry Charles, boot maker, 214 Oving Rd, Portfield
Hibbs George S. White Horse Inn, Northgate
Hill Frederick William, builder, Northgate
Hill William, greengrocer, 202 Oving Rd
Hillier Godfrey, agent to Workmanís Legal Friendly Society, 3 North Walls
Hingley Edmund, Star P.H. 15 Broyle Rd
Hinton John, harness maker, St Martinís Square
Hiscock George, grocer, 4 Eastgate Square
Hoare Charles, baker, 56 East St
Hobbs Fred, tobacconist, 5 North St
Hobbs Joseph Richard, baker 19 North St & confectioner, 70 & 71 South St
Hobgen Brothers, auctioneers, valuers & estate agents & surveyors, 10 East St. Telegraphic address, Southdown, Chichester
Hobgen John Herbert, highway surveyor to Westhampnett Rural District Council, 43 Lyndhurst Rd
Holden Charles, shopkeeper, 163 Oving Rd
Holder W. (Mrs), teacher of music, 60 South St
Holder William, job master, 14a Northgate & 60 South St
Hollands & Laming, shopkeepers, 87 Grove Rd
Holmes Henrietta Eliza (Mrs), White Horse P.H. 61 South St
Holt John Ogburn & Sons, builders, 47 Westgate
Home & Colonial Ltd. Grocers, 13 East St
Hooker Charles & Sons, builders, 10 The Hornet
Hooper John & Son, nurserymen, 26 South St
Hooper Kathleen (Miss), milliner, see Beale & Hooper
Hopkins & Son, grocers, 36 West St
Hopkins William, superintendent of the cattle market, 55a East St
Hounsome Samuel, baker, 117 St Pancras
Howard & Son, photographers, 10 North St
Howard Charles Walter, tailor, 16 East St
Howard Charlie, butcher, 81 North St
Hubbard Robert, shoeing smith, 5 Crane St
Huffer William S. (Mrs), dressmaker, 15 Basin Rd
Hughes Frederick William, house furnisher, 2 & 3 Oving Rd, Portfield
Humphreys Harry, Globe Hotel & job master, Southgate
Humphry Albert Thomas, motor & cycle maker, 61 East St & St Johnís St
Humphry Harry, cycle & motor car agent, 55 South St
Humphry Henry, shopkeeper, 16 St Paulís Rd
Humphry Phillip Reginald M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, & surgeon to the Territorial Force, Chichester Division, 8 St Johnís St & 23 North St
Humphry Reginald L.R.C.P.Edin., M.R.C.S.Eng. physician & surgeon & medical officer of health to the Corporation & surgeon to the Chichester police, 8 St Johnís St
Hunt Christmas, fancy stationer, 16 South St
Hunt Henry, shopkeeper, 37 The Hornet
Hunt Rebecca (Miss), laundress, 18 Franklin Place
Hutchins William, Wheatsheaf P.H. Oving Rd
Huxtable Squadron-Sergt-Major A. E. drill instructor C Squadron Sussex Yeomanry (Territorial Force), 46 Lyndhurst Rd
Inland Revenue Office (Henry Fitzsimmons, supervisor of Customs & Excise; William Edward Cox, surveyor of taxes; Charles H Duce, officer of Customs & Excise), 93 East St
International Tea Co.ís Stores Ltd. Grocers, 80 East St
Irish Walter, fishmonger, The Hornet
Isolation Hospital for Contagious Diseases (Miss Florence Gambrill, matron), Spitalfields Lane
Jacobs Florence A. (Miss), dressmaker, 25 North St
Jacobs Henry Thomas, bookbinder, 25 North St
Jacobs Henry Thomas, tailor, 55 North St
Jacobs John William, assistant overseer for the parish of Chidham, 9 Cawley Rd
Jamieson Annie (Mrs), dressmaker, 23 Whyke Lane
Jannence Francesco, confectioner, 2 Northgate
Jarman & Co. grocers & wine dealers, 11 North St
Jay Thomas Edward, ironmonger, 7 & 8 East St
Jefferies George, greengrocer, 63 North St
Jefferies Henry, greengrocer, 39 Little London
Jeffery & Son, dairymen, 24 George St
Jeffery Thomas (Mrs), dairy, Orchard Place
Johns Charles Arthur, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 33 Caledonian Rd
Johnson Brothers (Dyers) Ltd. Dyers, 60 South St
Keay Colin L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. dental surgeon, 47 South St
Kelsey Susan (Miss), shopkeeper, 3 Chapel St
Kemp Ebeneezer Sydney, shopkeeper, 87 St Pancras
Kemp Selina (Mrs), milliner, 15 St Johnís St
Kent Thomas, shopkeeper, 37 George St
Kerr Herbert Douglas, accountant & auditor & insurance broker, 33 Little London
Kerwood Alfred James, registrar of marriages, 43 East St
Kimbell & Sons, pork butchers, 87 East St
Kimbell Frank, baker & confectioner, 13 Southgate
Kimbell William, confectioner, 15 East St
Kirkaldy William B., M.D., C.M.Edin, house surgeon to the infirmary, Broyle Rd
Knight Charles Chichester Ltd. Printers & stationers, 21 East St
Knight George H. blacksmith, Oving Rd, Portfield
Ladiesí Charity for the Assistance of Poor Women in Lying-in (Mrs E L Eames, matron), 35 North St
Lake Edward, china & toy dealer, 19 & 20 East St
Lale Henry, The Swan P.H. 49 Westgate
Lambert & Norris Ltd. Wine & spirits merchants (A. H. Holland, manager) (branch), 20 North St; & at Arundel
Lambert Albert William, professor of music, 1 Canon Lane & 23 South St
Lambert George, jobbing gardener, 17 Bognor Rd
Lambert William Thomas, Woodman inn, 34 Southgate
Langley Emma (Mrs), registered lodging house, 118 St Pancras
Lee George, linen draper, 83 North St
Lee Henry Frank, builder, 7 Eastgate Square
Leng John & Sons, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 1 & 156 St Pancras
Lever George Edward, draper, 28 East St
Lewis & Co. (late Hart & Co.) complete house furnishers, upholsterers & cabinet makers, auctioneers, valuers & removal contractors, 27 South Gate
Lewis Edwin Henry, jeweller, 83 East Street
Lewis George, Four Chestnuts P.H The Hornet
Light Henry, carpenter, 89 Bognor Rd
Lipton Ltd, grocers, 93 East St
Lobley Frank J., A.M.I.C.E. city surveyor & water engineer, 7 Lion St
Lock William, insurance agent, 24 Oving Rd
London Central Meat Co Ltd, butchers, 7 South St
London & Counties Stores Ltd (H.Ballard, manager), oil & color men, 60 East Street
London & County Banking Co. Ltd. (branch) (Edward Wallace, manager), 5 & 6 East St; draw on head office, 21 Lombard St, London, London E.C
Long Ann Elizabeth (Mrs), tobacconist, 26 Southgate
Long James, furniture dealer, 70 North St
Longland Frederick, outfitter, 66 East St
Lovely Edward J. picture frame maker, gilder & mount cutter, picture dealer, restorer & artistí material dealer, 7 North St
Lower Charles, builder, 2 Clydesdale Avenue
Lucas Frederick, shopkeeper, 34 Orchard Terrace
McKay john, dairyman, Whyke Rd, Whyke
Madgwick William Henry, Blacksmithsí Arms P.H, 22 The Hornet
Makepeace Thomas William, beer retailer & blacksmith, 2 St Pancras
Malby Archibald Gray, upholsterer, Stockbridge Rd
Maltby Gerald Edward, local director of Barclay & Company Limited & treasurer to the Westhampnett Union & Rural District Council, 73 East St
Manners Frederick Herbert, baker, 27 North St
Mannings Eliza Finch (Mrs), apartments, 25 Tower St
Mant George, apartments, 41 Westgate
Mant Thomas, pork butcher, 71 East St
Mant William, grocer, 14 Cleveland Rd & 46 George St
Manvell Thomas A. Prudential insurance supt. 9 Whyke Rd
Manville George, watch maker, 233 Oving Rd
March Charity for Supplying Sick Poor with Domestic Comforts (Mrs Margaret Ward, matron), 54 Tower St
Marchment Charles, Confectioner, 3 West St
Marley Bertha (Mrs), dressmaker, 19 Broyle Rd
Marsh & Co. tobacconists, 27 East St
Marsh William Pankhurst & Son, photographers, 39 Southgate
Marshall Arthur J. registration agent for Lord Edmund Talbot M.P. sec. of the West Sussex & Chichester Infirmary & dept. supt. Registrar of Westhampnett district, 80 East St
Marshall Eliza (Mrs), laundry, see Boxall & Marshall
Marshall Samuel, tailor, 1 St Johnís St
Mason Edwin, bath chair proprietor, 6 West Pallant
Masonic Chapter (Cyrus No. 38) (J. St. Clair, Scribe E.), Council House, North St
Masonic Lodge (Union No. 38) (J. R. Newman, sec.); Mark Masters Lodge (Regnum 568) ( F. H. Washington W.M.); Rose Croix Lodge (No. 159) ( F. J. W. Crowe M.W.S.), Council House, North St
Matthews George F. servantsí registry office, 20 West St
May Edwin, shopkeeper, 10 Broyle Rd
Messenbird George Henry, Cattle Market Inn, 13 Eastgate Sq
Miles Ernest A. hosier, 17 south St
Miles William Richard, baker & beer retailer, 11 Little London
Millington Henry, tobacconist, 4 West St
Mitchell & Co. printers & publishers of West Sussex Gazette & Sussex County Handbook, 13 South St
Mitchell Frederick William, carrier, 126 Oving Rd
Moody M. (Mrs), North House Hotel, 67 North St
Moore Egbert, pawnbroker & outfitter, 21 North St & 21 Chapel St
Moore George Michael, Three Tuns Inn & taxidermist, 20 chapel St
Moore Henry Holding, nurseryman, seedsman & florist, 11 Southgate; nurseries, Orchard St & Cawley Rd
Moore John William, printer, publisher & stationer, & publisher of A.B.C. railway guide, 39 East St
Morey Arthur Henry, photographer, 47 Lyndhurst Rd
Morgan Frances (Mrs), Fleece Inn, 58 East St
Morton George & William, boot makers, 37 East St
Munt Mark, beer retailer, 35 orchard Terrace
Museum (J. Anderson esq. hon. Curator) 45 South St
Napper Dendy, baker, 14 St Pancras
Napper Ellen (Mrs), grocer & post office, 89 Oving Rd, Portfield
Narroway Frank, hair dresser, 3 St Pancras
National Deposit Friendly Society (Thomas Wingham, sec.), 7 Green Lane
National Society for Preventions of Cruelty to Children (John Henry Pine, inspector), 9 Southgate
National Telephone Co. Ltd. (The) (A. W. Faro, local manager), 58 Lyndhurst Rd
Nellaís confectioners, 57 South St
Newman James, curio dealer, 16 Northgate
Nicholl Thomas, boot maker, 15 The Hornet
Nye Harry, watch maker & jeweller, 1 East St
OíConnor, Dart & Co. electrical engineers, 50 East St
Oddfellows (Loyal Preservance Lodge), M.U. (C. C. Harper, sec), Wheatsheaf Inn, Portfield
Odd fellows (Loyal Rock Lodge, No. 967), M.U. (Edward Fogden, sec.), White Horse P.H. South St
Olden Isabella (Miss), girlsí school, 11 The Hornet
Olden John Whitcher, apartments, 9 Northgate
Oldfield Bros. mineral water manufacturers, 35 Southgate
Oliver Whitbyís School (Charles Fairbrother, head master), 16 West St
Olliff Henry, hairdresser, 40 Little London
Oram William Alexander, beer retailer, 12 south St
Orchard Arthur, apartments, 81 Spitalfields Lane
Osborn Alice (Miss), dressmaker, 149 St Pancras
Osborn William Henry, builder, 45 North St
Osborne Albert Charles, shopkeeper, 9 Broyle Rd
Osmond Frances (Miss), private tutor, 24 south St
Otter Memorial College (training college for school mistresses) (Rev. Edwin Hammonds M.A. principal)
Overington Elizabeth ~(Mrs), apartments, 38 Little London
Paige George, shoe maker, 142 St Pancras
Paige William John, confectioner, 21 South St
Palmer Charles, antique dealer, 44 West St
Panchen Edmund Charles, hair dresser, 1 West St
Pannell William, baker 1 York Rd
Parker Arthur & Co. motor & cycle repairers, Crane St
Parsons Sarah & Mary Elizabeth (Misses), confectioners, 19 Southgate
Parsons Alfred, insurance agent, 16 Whyke Lane
Parsons Thomas Walter, wine & spirits vaults, 1 St Martinís St
Parsons William, beer retailer, 78 St Pancras
Patrick Susan (Mrs), boarding house, 41 North St
Patterson Charles Robert, confectioner, 25a North St
Paxton Francis Valentine M.A., M.B., J.P. boysí school, Cawley Rd
Pearce Alice Mary (Miss) ladiesí school, 13 & 14 West St
Peat Frederick George, cabinet maker, 7 Orchard Place
Penny Harry & Co. drapers, 73 North St
Pennicott Edward, baker, 16 Orchard Terrace
Pennicott Frank, coal dealer, 6 Priory Rd
Pennicott Frederick, grocer, 57 Oving Rd, Portfield
Pennicott Joseph, firewood merchant, 36 Adelaide Rd
Penny William Harker, bookseller, 51a South St
Perring Ernest, hair dresser, 35a Southgate
Perry George, market gardener, 13 South Pallant
Peskett Arthur Albert, grocer, 7 Oving Rd
Peskett Frederick, tailor, 35 Oving Rd
Peskett George, tailor, 5 Eastgate Square
Peters Thomas, sand merchant, Canal Wharf
Petto Charles, boot maker, 10 Whyke Lane
Pillow & Son, music sellers, 94 East St
Pine John Henry, inspector of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 9 Southgate
Pink A. & Sons, mineral water manufacturers, Melbourne Rd
Pinnock William, laundry, 20 Westhampnett Rd
Piper H. (Miss), glass & china dealer, 12 Southgate
Pitts Fred, farmer, 44 Southgate
Pointing Henry Charles, basket maker, 14 Kingsham Rd
Pontin Fabian Elisha, grocer & baker, 8 Broyle Rd &Broardway, Summersdale
Portsmouth Frances Louisa (Miss), girlsí day school, 3 East Pallant
Powell Thomas Edward (H. K. Miller), draper, 12 East St
Prebendal School (Rev. Prebendary Frederick George Bennett B.C.L. master), West St
Prew George, hair dresser, 82 North St
Prior Ebenezer Ltd. Wool staplers, East Walls & Northgate & fellmongers, 21 Tower St
Prior Edward S., M.A., F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A. architect, 12 Westgate
Prior Nathaniel, confectioner, 52 West St
Priory Park Society (Francis B. Tompkins, hon. Sec.), 45 East St
Probate Registry Office (William Bennett Barton Freeland, district registrar; Edward King, chief clerk), 56 West St
Pryer Thomas, keeper of Jubilee Park, 1 Caledonian Rd
Pryer William, shopkeeper, 8 Cavendish St
Public Benefit Boot Co. boot makers, 65 East St
Pullen John, dairy farmer, Spitalfields House
Pupil Teachersí Centre for West Sussex (Miss A. L. Janau, mistress) Stockbridge Rd
Purchase Arthur, Old Cross P.H. & wine & spirit merchant, 65 north St
Purchase Oliver Habin, coal merchant & carrier, Canal wharf & 29 South St
Pyne Anne (Mrs), apartments, 5 Little London
Rands William Herbert, hair dresser, 75 East St
Raper, Freeland & Tyacke, solicitors, clerks to the county justices & commissioners for taking oaths, 55 West St
Rasell Frederick, shopkeeper, 53 Westgate
Rasell William Duke, registrar of marriages for Westhampnett district, collector to the guardians of Westhampnett union, 135 Bognor Rd
Rawlins & Gale, tailors, 39 & 40 South St
Rawlins James, baker, 34 Westgate
Redman Charles, shopkeeper, 71 Grove Rd
Redman Frank, tailor, 13 Market Rd
Rendle Arthur Russell M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., M.D.Brux. Physician & surgeon, 2, 3, & 5 North Pallant
Reynolds Alfred Ernest, hosier, 84 East St
Rhoades Albert T. shopkeeper, 103 Bognor Rd
Richards Marie (Miss), costumier, 19 West St
Richardson Thomas, fruit growers, Orchard House, Whyke
Rifle Range (Eli Clarke, proprietor), 9 Franklin Place
Riley James, boot maker, 26 Caledonian Rd
Roberts Emma (Mrs) apartments, 24 Tower St
Robinson Frederick Henry, photographer, 5 & ^ St Pancras & 66 South St
Robinson John, boot maker, 79 Oving Rd, Portfield
Robinson John, Half Moon P.H. 43 The Hornet
Rodgers Sydney, house decorator, 8 Little London
Rogers Charles & Sons, confectioners, 29 East St & 2 Little London
Rose Jessie (Mrs), milliner & costumier, 14 South St
Rowswell Arthur, cycle repairer, 71 North St
Roy Eliza (Mrs), apartments, 29 North St
Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Albert Clark Batten, inspector) 155 St Pancras
Rudkin Walter Lawrence, greengrocer, 63 Oving Rd
Russell Alfred John, dining rooms, 48 South St
Russell Mary Harriet (Mrs), photographer, 20 South St
Sadler & Co., corn dealers, 40 East St
St Bartholomewís Parish Hall (Mrs F Allen, caretaker), Orchard St
St John ambulance Brigade (Supt. Eugene Edward Street; H. G. States, 1st officer), North St
St Margaretís Refuge (sisters of St Margaretís, East Grinstead), 2 New Town
St Maryís Hospital for Aged Poor (William Bennett Barton Freeland, steward; Edward King, bailiff), St Martinís Square
Salter Frank Ernest & Co. dyers & cleaners, 69 East St & Adelaide Rd
Sanders Jane (Mrs) & Maud (Miss), music teachers, 11 south Pallant
Saunders Edmund F. general & furnishing ironmonger, tool dealer, gunsmith & ammunition dealer, gas-fitter & bell hanger, fishing rods & tackle, air guns & c. Tool hardware stores, 55 south St
Saunders Joseph, confectioner, 143 St Pancras
Savage William, laundry, 21 South Bank
Sayers Clement James & Walter Henry, house furnishers, 46 south St
Sayers James, coal merchant & furniture remover, builders material merchant & shipping & forwarding agent, Southgate & Caledonian Rd
Sayers Percival, shoeing & general smith, Southgate
Sayers Walter H. assessor & collector of Kingís taxes for Chichester & Aldingbourne districts, 45 Caledonian Rd
Scott Millicent (Mrs), nurse, 12 Little London
Scott Vighcott Alexander, tailor,12 Litten Terrace
Scott Walter George, shopkeeper, 97 Bognor Rd
Selsey Water Co. 18 South St
Seward Lewis, saddler, 38 The Hornet
Seymour Harry, shopkeeper, 95 Cleveland Rd
Sheen Thomas, Unicorn Inn, 8 Eastgate Square
Shippam Cecil W. florist, 5 South St
Shippam Charles, provision merchant, 48 East St & 4 South St
Shippen Frederick, beer retailer, 50 Franklin Place
Shires Ann (Mrs), laundress, 23 Oving Rd
Shoosmith Frederick Edward, Swan Inn, 49 East St
Shotter Archibald, hand laundry, 6 Eastgate Square
Simmonds William, marine store dealer, 125 St Pancras
Sinden William Henry, refuge insurance superintendent, 5 Clydsdale Avenue
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd, 30a East St
Skaife Frederick M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Edin., surgeon to West Sussex & Chichester Infirmary, 57 North St
Slaney Martha (Mrs) & Son, coal dealers, 17 Broyle Rd
Slaney Henry Cobden, iron & tinplate worker, Northgate
Smart William Walter, baker & beer retailer, 37 York Rd
Smith W. H. & Sons, booksellers, Railway Station
Smith Francis, greengrocer, 56 North St
Smith George, accountant, insurance agent & verger to the Dean of Chichester & vaccination officer, 6 West Pallant
Smith George, insurance agent, 10 Cleveland Rd
Smith James M. Brewery Inn, 49 The Hornet
Smith Jane Frances (Mrs), New Inn, 33 Whyke Rd
Smith William Edward, fly proprietor, 53 Tower St
Smurthwaite Israel, wholesale & retail glass, oil & color merchant, paperhangingís, lamp & engine oils, motor spirit & lubricants, 39 North St
Snudden Henry, district superintendent Pearl Life Assurance Co. Ltd, 2 Whyke Rd
Soal William Thomas, Richmond Arms P.H. Stockbridge Rd
Soden R. (Miss), confectioner, 64 South St
Sons of Temperance Lodge (No.806) (A. M. Green, sec.) Y.W.C.A. hall, St Martinís St
South West Sussex Unionist Registration Office (Arthur J. Marshall, registration agent), 80 East St
Southern Publishing Co. Ltd. Printers & publishers, 35 Southgate
Southern Weekly News (branch) (southern Publishing Co. Ltd., proprietor), 35 Southgate
Sowton, Bartlett & Blaker, solicitors, 9 West Pallant
Spratt Edward, grocer, 44 Bognor Rd
Staker Edmund, shopkeeper,36 High St
Stanbridge William, cycle agent, 112 Bognor Rd
Stearn James John, bricklayers, 2 Market avenue
Stenning George, commercial traveller, 250 Spitalfields Lane
Stevens Allan, jobbing gardener, 51 Lyndhurst Rd
Stewart Douglas & Co. outfitters, 14 Eastgate Square
Stoner William, beer retailer, 47 North St
Stricklands Ltd. Corn merchants, 2 Southgate
Stride & Son, auctioneers & valuers, surveyors, house, land & estate agents, 63 East St, T.A. Stride Chichester; T.N. 5
Stringer Henry, beer retailer, 29 & 30 High St
Strong Louie (Mrs), laundry, 73 Spitalfields Lane
Stroud Harriett (Mrs), boarding house, 3 St Johnís St
Strudwick Mary (Mrs), apartments, 1 The Hornet
Style Ellen (Miss), baker, 20 south St
Summers John, apartments, 6 St Martinís St
Sussex Daily News (branch) (Southern Publishing Co. Ltd. Proprietors), 35 Southgate
Sussex, East Hants & Chichester Fat Stock, Root, Corn & Dead Poultry Show (F. N. & T.C. Hobgen, hon. Secs.) East St
Sussex Public House Trust Co. Ltd. Anchor Hotel, West St
Sussex Yeomanry Territorial Force (C Squadron, Major T. A. Innes, commanding; Capt. D. F. Robinson second in command; Lieut. E. Norris; Squadron- Sergt.-Major A. E. Huxtable, drill instructor), East Row
Sutherland John, travelling draper, 15 St Martinís St
Sutton & Co. railway carriers (Fred Amey, agent), 61 East St & 72 Oving Rd
Sykes Alfred, silk mercer &c. see Turnbull & Sykes
Tadd Eliza Ann (Miss), upholsters, 137 St Pancras
Tadd George, whitesmith, 43 Green Lane
Tee Leonard, painter, 232 Oving Rd, Portfield
Tees Frank, cycle dealer, 28 Oving Rd
Territorial Force Battalion (4th) Royal Sussex Regiment ( G. Co.; Capt. W. H. Kenderdine; Color-Sergt., Instructor John Dunlop), Priory Park
Theological College (Rev. Prebendary Herbert Rickard M.A. principal; Rev. Prebendary J. Fraser M.A. lecturer)
Thomas Gwyn Sayer M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 40 Southgate
Thorrowgood Arthur, tailor, 18 Cleveland Rd
Tidy John, working cutler & grinder, 41 Tower St
Tippen George, whitesmith, 9b Northgate
Tippen James, carpenter, 23 North Walls
Tisdall John, gun maker, 8 South St
Tompkins Francis Blagden, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, clerk to the city magistrates & deputy county coroner, clerk to the guardians of the poor of the parish of Chichester & superintendent registrar & hon. Sec. County Committee on casual paupers (firm Arnold, Cooper & Tompkins), 42 & 43 East St
Tourell Thomas, confectioner, 114 Oving Rd
Triggs Alfred, furniture salesman, 20 Terminus Rd
Triggs Edward, plasterer, 119 Oving Rd
Triggs Jane (Mrs), apartments, 2 Laburnum Villa, South Bank
Trim William Albert, cycle maker, 51 South St
Trimmer John, market gardener, 46 Green Lane
Tripcony Edward, insurance agent, 23 Whyke Rd
Tupper Alfred & sons, builders & decorators, Pound Farm Rd
Turnbull & Sykes, silk mercers & drapers, 9 & 10 South St
Turnbull George Michael, outfitter & hosier, 62 & 63 South St
Turner H. & Sons, boot makers, 85 North St
Turner & sons, grocers, 27 South St
Turner Edward, builder, New Park Rd. & 32 Franklin Place
Turner Fanny Louisa (Mrs) apartments, 48 West St
Turner George, confectioner, 57 St Pancras
Turner Henry, boot & shoe maker, 1 New Park Rd
Turner John, furniture dealer, 147 St Pancras
Turner Phillip, Hope P.H. 34 St Pancras
Turner Tom, furniture dealer, 62 North St
Twinn Albert Edward, Rainbow P.H. 21 St Paulís Rd
Tyacke George Ashley, solicitor & commissioner for oaths & notary public (firm, Raper, Freeland & Tyacke), 55 West St
Upperton Henry, tailor, 13 Little London
Veal James, Bush P.H. 44 The Hornet
Vick & Sons, builders & contractors, 7 Tower St
Vick Edward Thomas, relieving officer & collector to the guardians & inspector under the Infant Life Protection Act, 67 Spitalfields Lane
Vick Katherine Mary (Miss), apartments, 36 Southgate
Vick Victor V. secretary to the City of Chichester Gas Co. Stockbridge Rd
Voke H. J. & sons, bakers & confectioners & caterers, 48 The Hornet
Wakeford Henry, jobbing gardener, 4 Washington St
Walder Walter, builder, 35 St Jamesís Rd, Portfield
Walker Joseph, travelling draper, 49 South St
Wallace Alfred, whitesmith, 28 Franklin Place
Wallace Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, 43 Franklin Place
Wallace James G. H. correspondent to the Sidlesham School Managers & clerk to the Boxgrove Parish Council, 80 East St
Wallington Henry, Waggon & Horse P.H. St Paulís Rd
Walters Richard, news agent, 28 South St
Walters Thomas, baker, 124 St Pancras
Wannop Edward Booth, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 12 North Pallant & at Littlehampton
Wareham Gilbert, Wickham Arms P.H. Bognor Rd
Warwick George, stone mason, 4 Tower St
Washington Frank Herbert, outfitter, 8 North St
Watts Alfred Henry, furniture dealer, 49 North St
Weare Charles, watch maker, 2 Little London
Weare Emma (Mrs), apartments, 42 Lyndhurst Rd
Weaver Mary (Mrs), ladiesí outfitter, 88 East St
Webster James D. seedsman & florist, 65 South St; nurseries, Market Avenue & Cawley Rd
Welcome William & Sons, coal dealers, 94 St Pancras
Welcome Charles, builder, 220 Oving Rd
Welcome Edmund, fly proprietor, Southgate
Weller James, newsagent, 47 The Hornet
West Sussex Brick Co. Ltd. (Thomas Clark, sec.), 18 South St
West Sussex Club (C. Knight, sec.; G. Holloway, steward), 38 East St
West Sussex Club Co. Ltd (W. B. B. Freeland, sec.) registered office, 55 West St
West Sussex, East Hampshire & Chichester Infirmary & Dispensary (William B. Kirkaldy M.D. house surgeon; Arthur J. Marshall, sec.; Rev. Edward Bray M.A. chaplain; Miss Jones, matron), Broyle Rd
West Sussex Gazette & South of England Advertiser (branch) (W. Victor Cook, local representative; published Thursday), 13 South St
West Sussex Lunatic Asylum (Duke of Richmond & Gordon K,G, chairman; Ernest H. Blaker, clerk to the committee of visitors; Harold A. Kidd M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., medical superintendent; George Ernest Peachell M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. & Francis Arthur Knox Stuart L.S.AQ. Assistant medical officers; Rev. F. J. Birkett M.A. chaplain; Miss Laura E. Cole, matron; James Robert Newman, clerk & steward)
West William, jobbing gardener, 4 York Rd
Westwood Samuel James, city rate collector & assistant overseer, 7 Lion St & 31 West St
Wharton Mary (Mrs), tobacconist, 74 North St
Wheeler George, monumental mason, South Bank & 86 Grove Rd
Wheeler Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, 42 Orchard Terrace
White Timothy Co. Ltd. Chemists, 90 East St
White Alfred, undertaker, 16 South Pallant
White George, jobbing gardener, 33 Cleveland Rd
White Harriet (Mrs), shopkeeper, 72 St Pancras
White Kate (Miss), dress maker, 3 Cleveland Rd
White Samuel, job master, 15 Orchard Place & Northgate Mews
White William, Railway Tavern, 19 Basin Rd
Whitehead & Son, watch makers, 76 North St
Whitehead & Whitehead, auctioneers, 18 South St
Whitehead Augustus George, teacher of music, 42 Southgate
Whiting Richard G. representative Sussex Daily News, Harrow-Glyn, Stockbridge Rd
Whitney Edward Albert, Wellington Arms P.H. 67 Broyle Rd
Wickenden John, carpenter, 16 Little London
Wickenden William, watch maker (working), 9 St Martinís St
Wild Edwin P. yeast merchant, 24 Southgate
Wilkins Harry, butcher, 56 south St
Willard Lillian & Elsie (Misses), dress makers, 4 Northgate
William Caroline (Mrs), laundress, 9 theatre Lane
Williams Thomas H. Crown Inn, Whyke Rd
Willshire William Evans, baker & grocer, 20 High St
Wingate William, beer retailer, The Hornet
Wingham Cornelius, firewood merchant, St Jamesís Rd
Wingham William Charles (Mrs), confectioner, 79 North St
Woolgar & Son, fruitiers, 15 North St
Woolgar Charles, confectioner, 2 North St
Woolgar Michael, grocer, 41 & 42 The Hornet
Worldís Stores Ltd. (The), tea dealers, 14 East St
Wren Samuel, apartments, 40 Caledonian Rd
Wyatt & Son, auctioneers & valuers, surveyors, land & house & estate agents, 59 East St (telephone No. 196 Chichester); & at Havant
Youdale William Hugh, travelling draper, 19 St Johnís St
Young Menís Christian Association (Miss M. A. Caffin, hon. Sec.), St Martinís St
Youthsí Mutual Improvement Society (A. V. Todd, hon. Sec.), Little London

13 Aug 2006

Transcribed by Stacey Gardner

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